Trip Report - Jordan Lolohea

2017 East (Salt Lake City, Uth.) DE/LB Jordan Lolohea took his visit trip to Seattle over the weekend on an official visit to Washington and he said the trip blew him away...

"The visit was great and it really impressed me," Lolohea told "I expected it to be a great visit, but I didn't expect it to go as well as it did. It really opened my eyes to what the school and the program are all about and what it would be like to be a Husky football player."

Lolohea's host on his trip was freshman linebacker Amandre Williams.

"He was a really good guy," Lolohea said. "We spent a lot of time together and with the other recruits, so it was really good.

"I also got to spend a lot of time with coach (Ikaika) Malloe, coach (Bob) Gregory and coach 'K' (Pete Kwiatkowski) and also coach (Hansen) Sakona. They showed me around and drove me around, so I got a great chance to spend time with them and bond with them.

"They see me playing the BUCK linebacker if I were to sign."

Since it was his first trip to Seattle, Lolohea said there were plenty of things that stood out to him, but he offered up a few highlights from his 48 hours on campus.

"I think seeing the Space Needle and also the facilities there," Lolohea said. "The weather actually reminded me a lot of home -- cold and dry -- and I felt very comfortable there with the guys and the family atmosphere around the program there."

So, with his Washington in the rear view mirror, where do things stand as we head into the final couple of weeks before Signing Day (February 1st).

"Well, I am planning to make my decision pretty close to Signing Day," Lolohea admitted. "I have already visited BYU and I want to visit either Oregon or Utah the final weekend of the month (January 27th). 

"I could possibly schedule a visit to Oregon next weekend, but I am looking at possibly going out to the Polynesian Bowl (in Hawaii) next weekend, so if that happens, then I will need to decide which one I will visit and which one I won't visit."

Lolohea is LDS and plans to take his mission shortly after his graduation from high school, so, whichever school he chooses, he will not enroll there until the spring/summer of 2019.

We'll have more on Lolohea in the coming days as he gets closer to making his decision. Top Stories