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Trip Report - Terrell Bynum

Since he'd been up to Seattle so many times, nothing on his official visit was much of a surprise for 2017 St. John Bosco (Bellflower, Ca.) WR Terrell Bynum, but that doesn't mean he didn't have a great time in the 48 hours he was on campus over the weekend...


"I've been up there so many times, it already sorta feels like home for me," Bynum told Dawgman.com after returning back to Southern California. "I still had a great time though. 

"Camilo Eifler was my host and he's a really good guy. I also got to hang out with all of the other recruits and to meet some of the other commits while I was there, so that was really a great time for me.

"Honestly, the coaches have done a great job of recruiting their guys, the OKGs, so we're all sorta the same kind of guys. We all love to play ball and we all love everything about the game, so we all have that in common and it helps us in becoming that family that they are always trying to build."

Bynum said it was hard to choose just one thing that was a highlight of the trip, so he listed a few things.

"In our down time, when we weren't meeting with the coaches or doing anything else, we got to go and see the city and that was pretty cool," Bynum said. "Myles Gaskin and Camilo both showed us around and we just had a great time hanging together as a group.

"I also really enjoyed the Brazilian Steakhouse they took us to. They just kept bringing more and more food. It was amazing."

During his time on campus, Bynum got a chance to sit down with his future position coach, Bush Hamdan.

"We got to talk and we watched some film too," Bynum said. "They are planning to put me at the 'X' receiver spot, the deep threat, so that's what I need to be ready for, but really, I will play any spot they want me to play."

Bynum is completely locked into signing with the Huskies on February 1st and we will have more from him at that time.

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