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Dewey Beats Truman, Huskies Beat Buckeyes
Race Bannon, chagrined college football expert

First a question from a reader:

Dear Race:
What would happen if you did a rip job on the Huskies like you do on the Cougs or Ducks? – Spanky Spankerson, Poulsbo, WA.

Well Spanky, we are not going to find out this week, tempting as your suggestion is. It is our duty to find humor and laughter where none is known to exist. I think it is important to give a new coach at least two games before any decision is made on his future. Thank you for your question. – Race

In a grinding display of solid Midwest football not seen since the legendary Dawgfather patrolled the Purple and Gold sidelines, the Ohio State Buckeyes dismantled and embarrassed your Washington Huskies before a happy crowd of 105,000 Bucknuts. It was the third largest crowd in stadium history, and they got what they paid to see.

Outlined against a pale gray sky the four horsemen of the apocalypse rode again against the Huskies.

No running game
No time to pass
No pass defense
No pass rush

We do not know about you, but we are pretty damn tired of seeing these four guys around these parts. After an off-season of hype, much of it spread willfully by yours truly, we ended up with the 14th game from last season. All right, so it did not change over night, sue me. The real test will come as we see if this team improves from week to week or not.

Full credit must be given to the Buckeyes and their marvelous coach, Jim Tressel. Tressel studied under Don James as well, when he was an up and coming coach at D1AA Youngstown State. He has assembled a football squad that is built the right way, from the lines out. With their strong line play the Bucks were able to utilize their big weapons and could have named the score.

The Husky big guns were once again silenced before they could get a shot off. It was truly a night of frustration for the Dawg faithful and disappointment for the players. Watching Cody Pickett trying to throw with guys in red shirts in front, on top, and underneath him made me ponder the question, just how many guys did they have on the field? Washington, I think had 11, but OSU surely had more. Right?

The Husky player of the game was the punter. At least we were not shut out.

Next Up: Indiana Hoosiers

After losing to U Conn, the Hoosiers will need Gene Hackman to coach them to victory over the Dawgs in a national cablecast from Husky Stadium. This is a great chance to snap a losing streak to the Big Ten.

It has never been our policy to demand anything, but we are demanding that the Huskies take the field with hellfire and brimstone and destroy this opponent. The faithful need to see some sign that the players are improving, and that the coaching is taking hold. The natives are restless. We may need to re hire Neuheisel so we can fire him again. Turn the page, let's roll, bring it on, get it on and bang a gong.

UW – 56, Indiana – 0
Trojans dominate Auburn, stake claim to #1
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

As in the days of old, John McKay led the Trojans down to Alabama to put a hurting on the SEC favorite. This time it was Auburn, picked by some to win the national championship, which fell before the mighty Trojan wave.

Led by Ronnie Lott and Junior Seau on defense, and Charles White and Pat Haden on offense, the Trojans wore out the Tigers with suffocating defense and a power running attack.

Actually it was a group of newcomers that the Huskies finished 2nd on in recruiting that showed no fear while playing in a hostile arena. Not to mention returning stars like Mike Williams and the defense. I bet Reggie wishes the Husky running game could take some pressure off him. I bet Race Bannon is about to pull the plug on this article out of sheer envy. Like I said this summer, the Trojans will win the Pac 10. Easy.

Next Up: BYU Cougars

The Trojans will enjoy the prime time spot on next Saturdays schedule as they school the Cougars and make Norm Chow's homecoming a happy one. Facing the pass happy BYU attack should be a nice tune up for Pac 10 play. Tune in early, this one will be over by halftime.

USC – 48, BYU – 3
Ducks return to greatness
Mallard N. Moore

The Oregon Ducks flew into Starkville Mississippi and put the big hurt on Jackie Sherrill's Mississippi State Bulldogs. The Ducks had a 28-0 lead before Race let me turn the channel to watch. He still thought the Huskies were going to mount some sort of comeback.

So we watched the Bulldogs outscore the Ducks 34-14 over the last three quarters, which brightened Race's mood momentarily. In keeping with recent tradition, the Ducks benefited from a bizarre coaching decision by Sherrill to go for a two-point conversion late in the game. I wonder if word of overtime has made it to Mississippi yet. For a moment, we thought that Bob Toledo had turned up in Starkville.

The Ducks offense was crisp under both quarterbacks, and ran the ball with great proclivity as well. Three backs totaled over 300 yards for the yellow clad visitors from the northwest. The uniforms were a hit with blind people all across America. Bellotti is back in business, ready to appear at halftime of the BCS championship once again.

And Duck fans are licking their chops at the thought of a new Lambo in Seattle.

Next Up: Nevada Wolfpack

The Ducks welcome Chris Tormey and Nevada to newly expanded Autzen Arena next Saturday. The Pack will be a well-coached outfit that presents no opposition to the Ducks. That is just how they like them in Eugene.

UO – 63, Nevada – 28
Cougars survive scare from Idaho
Rick Wizz

Holy smokes Cougar fans, how about that win over the mighty Vandals of Idaho? It took everything that new coach Bill Doba had to overcome the long odds presented by such a storied program like Idaho. And that makes it three out of five for the Cougs, Red, over their longtime rival, nemesis and roommate.

The Cougs now lead the division by 1 game, and Red, let me tell you that is some ball club that WSU has this year. Clutch hitting and better pitching could be the difference in this year's pennant run.

And holy smokes, how about the next Harrington, this time for real, as Idaho started the brother of Joey Harrington against the Doba defense. He was really something Red, mixing in a change up with his fastball to keep the Cougs guessing all night,

It was a beautiful night at a great ballpark with the best fans in the world at the best football stadium across the street from the best baseball stadium in all of creation. Be sure not to miss Boonie Boxcar night!

This was the best football team I have ever seen, Red. They could go all the way and keep within the budget. Holy smokes!

(OK, Rick Wizz will never appear here again. We have to get Bobertson sprung from jail)

Next Up: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

It is always nice to have a breather scheduled after a tough rival game like Idaho. The Cougs face Ty Willingham's offensive offense in a trip to legendary Notre Dame Stadium, stuck in a field in the middle of nowhere Indiana. The Irish do pack a championship defense, just like the Cougs, so this one should be a battle until halftime.

Notre Dame – 17, WSU – 3
Around The World: Gary Pinkel's Mizzou Tigers beat the Illini for the second year in a row with tough defense and a good running game...just saying, that's all...Colorado beat CSU in a classic at whatever they call the stadium in Denver these days...the Buffs threw the ball!!!...Gameday from ESPN was in Columbus to do a report on the new Rainier Beach QB coach. They said that the Vikings have circled the wagons and are thrilled, excited, and looking forward to their season....Michigan warmed up for Oregon by beating some weathervane school...Oklahoma remains #1 after their big Rose Bowl win and also beating Mean Joe Greene and North Texas State...Here is some cut and paste material for the Chicken Littles on the message boards - Better days lay ahead for the Purple and Gold...It is always darkest before the never quit and quitters never win...players make have to play the hand you are dealt...experience is a great teacher...out of the ashes of defeat will arise the new Husky Empire….and last but not least:
This just in: The sky is not falling. It was actually just those Oregon Nike jet-powered vests that got hooked up to the air compressors for too long and sprung free. Phil Knight has been ticketed for littering in Starkville…

Thanks for reading as always and have a great week! – Race
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