Crisp calls for Huskies to have heart

Washington sophomore guard David Crisp talked to the media Monday ahead of the Huskies' next road trip to Arizona State and Arizona. He talked about consistent defensive pressure and what it's going to take for UW to show they are capable of doing it for a full 40 minutes.

Opening - “Everybody’s trying to stay positive. Tough loss the other day but you can’t dwell on it. You have to go back, see the mistakes you did and then prepare for the next game.”

How frustrating is it to go back and watch film of a loss like Utah? - “It’s a little disappointing taking a step back but some nights like that they happen. We’ve got to learn from that.”

Harder to tune out the outside noise with so much social media? - “Everybody’s different. Some people will see that and it will get in their heads, others will take it and use it as motivation. Some of the positive stuff can get in people’s heads and they can feel comfortable and settle. We try and talk a lot about that getting in in-between anything, and guys have to do a good job of sticking together and not pay attention to that stuff.”

Are there people you can talk to on the outside about stuff that you might not want to talk to your teammates about? - “Anything I talk about the season I can talk to anybody. I’m not putting anyone down or anything when I’m talking. I’ll always keep it real. I’ll talk stuff to my Mom but a lot of times I just talk about things we can do to get better, think of how we can get better at and stuff like that.”

On losing Andrews, Chriss, and Murray and replacing what they gave you, especially on defense - “We’re just inconsistent right now on the defensive end. We’ve seen glimpses of us playing great defense, had stretches where we’ve played great defense but our challenge is keeping that going throughout the whole game. As much of 40 minutes as we can. For me, it’s honestly having that heart and that will to do it. Defense, you can control your effort. Guys just got to really dig down and it’s got to mean a lot to us.”

Did you think going into the season this was a team that took pride in that? - “Yeah. We took our trip to Australia and guys out there, if there was anything we could do out there it was defense. Offensively it wasn’t really flowing yet. So it was kind of a little shocker sometimes coming out how flat we have been in some games. We’ve got to pick it up.”

What does your mother tell you about adversity? - “She just told me to always stay calm. We’re real big in our faith and God. Facing adversity, I know God’s with me so I always try and stay positive and calm.”

What do you hear from the Seattle basketball community when things aren’t going well? - “All those guys, they care about the program, they care about basketball in Tacoma and Seattle, and it’s tough to see some of the losses we’re taking and how the season’s going. People didn’t really expect it. Guys have been reaching out, giving us words of encouragement. Sometimes they kept it real. They told us that guys need to pick it up. Either way, any way they come at us, we’re taking it as they care about us and they want to see us do good. So we’re just trying to pick it up.”

Does it bother you to see people calling for Coach Romar’s job after losses? - “I try not to pay too much mind into that. Coach Romar is a great guy, so we’re not worried about what people are talking about on Twitter. I’m just trying to figure out what I’ve got to do to help this team be more successful.”

If you could say anything to those people, would you? - “Nah. If I had anything to say I’ll show ‘em on the court.” Top Stories