Trip Report - Nick Ford

One of the biggest prospects in for an official visit at Montlake this past weekend was 2017 San Pedro (Ca.) OL/DL Nick Ford and he updated about how his trip went and what his future plans are as far as making a decision...

"It was a really great trip," Ford told "I'd say the highlights of my trip were hanging out with the other recruits and football players, going over to (Jake Browning's) house and just talking with all of the players and getting to know them and the other recruits better.

"I also really loved the city. Seattle is a great city and it's the first time I'd ever been there. It's not L.A., but it's a great town and I really liked it there."

Nick Harris was Ford's host and the two became fast friends on the trip.

"It was really cool because we are basically from the same area," Ford said. "He told me where he lives and I know exactly where that is, so it was cool to get to talk to him.

"He said he loves it there and that the experience would be the same for me as well if I wind up going there."

Ford also said he was impressed with the facilities and the campus as well.

As far as making a decision, most recruitniks felt that Ford could make a decision on his trip, but he said that he's not at that point yet.

"I'm getting closer, but I'm going to be patient and make the right decision for me," Ford noted. "I'm visiting Colorado this weekend and then when I get home, I'll come and sit down with my family and then on Monday I will call the coaches and commit to a  school and call the other schools personally and thank them, but tell them I have decided to go to school somewhere else.

"I won't make it public though. I want to announce on Signing Day (February 1st) at my school. I'll have a tweet all ready to go and I'll have four hats on the table -- WashingtonUtah, Colorado and Cal -- and then I will choose the school at a ceremony at my school and I will send out the tweet."

We'll have more on Ford next week when he makes his decision. Top Stories