Timmins, Crisp maintain confidence is high

Dawgman.com spoke to Sam Timmins and David Crisp Tuesday ahead of Washington's game versus USC. At 2-7 in Pac-12 play, both players talked about the team maintaining confidence as they try and turn their fortunes around in a hurry.

Sam Timmins

On the Arizona game - “Definitely the most comfortable I’ve felt on the court since being here. And as a result I was able to be more effective than I have been in the past.”

Why more comfortable? - “Just repetition. A lot of my game comes with being able to feed off the other people on the court. Every game I step on the court with the guys I’m feeling more comfortable with them and how to play with them.”

Does the zone help you? - “I played it a lot in high school so that familiarity and having more instinct in the zone and where to be and how to play it, so I feel like I’m comfortable in the zone.”

Biggest piece of advice so far? - “Just to stop thinking so much, just go out there and play. I’ve been playing basketball for so long. You know the right things to do. Stop thinking about it and go play.”

On adjusting to the game in year one - “It’s definitely been a huge learning experience for me. A lot of the teams I played on back home, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition so for the most part I was able to do what I wanted on the court. Teams were winning every game, never really had to deal with too much adversity or losing. Everything is a new experience. I’m learning from it, trying to make my game better in all aspects on and off the court, trying to deal with things. I’ve definitely learned a lot and I feel like every minute out on the court I’m getting better for myself and for this program.”

Moment where you realized how different it was going to be? - “Once the games started, that’s when I really kind of realized how different it is from New Zealand basketball, how quickly everything was happening out on the court and how I was processing it slower than it was happening - which was something new to me. Once I realized that, it hit home how much of a change I’m going to have to make to keep up and be effective and play my game.”

Arizona game make you feel like you’re making progress? - “It definitely helped my confidence. Me and coach have been talking a lot about it, how I’m going to be able to be effective and he’s shown nothing but faith in me. He’s telling me he’s behind me every step of the way. To see it translate onto the court it was good and makes me excited looking forward.”

What have you improved on the most? - “Just general confidence, being able to slow the game down in my head so I can play it how I’ve always played it and not feeling like I’m just looking everywhere and trying to keep up with what’s happening around me. It felt like it came together a little bit. It was promising.”

On being able to play as a physical presence when you’re still trying to figure out what’s going on - “I’m definitely not scared of contact. I’m not scared if that’s what they expect from me or want from me. I’m up to that. Having that expectation kind of puts it on me to go out and do it. Knowing that coach expects that from me and believes I can do it is helping me with that mindset that I can go out there and do that without being scared of anyone or regardless if it’s my first year playing basketball in America. That doesn’t seem to matter as much when I have that confidence in my team.”

David Crisp

On his relationship with Shaqquan Aaron - “Me and Shaq are real cool. We went to Beach together and had a real successful season there, so it’ll be fun playing against him.”

Can you take advantage of his game? - “He’s a good player and everything, so I can probably help pointing some things out on the scout.”

Any talk over the summer about this game? - “Just a little bit. It’s going to be fun playing you guys. That’s about it.”

On being the best offensive rebounding team in the league - “We do drills where we cover the rims. You don’t see the ball go in, so that’s the only way you can score and get points in the drill is getting offensive boards. We try and make that a point of emphasis.”

On having a balance between crashing boards and having guys back against a team that likes to run like USC - “We adjust to the opponents we play. So we know they get out on the break fast and we’ll make sure we get back in transition but we’ll still have the guys designated to crash, we’ll make sure they go hard and go every time.”

Assessing the confidence level right now - “Nobody’s got their head down. Everybody’s feeling good. They’re upset about the loss, but feeling good about the way we played. Guys have been a lot more positive then people might be looking on the outside. Guys are still coming to practice, playing hard, still trying to be positive and stuff and trying to see the positive in things. Everybody’s feeling good.”

Anything different about this team from the start of conference play? - “Everybody sees how good everybody is. It’s kind of humbling. Guys are getting refocused. They’re like, man. Maybe I should go in the gym and put in extra work, pay attention to the little details. Guys are starting to do that, especially defensively. We’ve been in that zone, learning it more and guys are seeing that we’ve got to put in more effort in the zone to be effective as it was. We’re trying to build off that.”

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