Isaiah Ifanse (Brandon Huffman)

Dawgman 2018 In-State Top 25: 21-25

Now that the 2017 recruiting class has been put to bed, we thought it would be a good chance get a jump start on the 2018 class and what better way than to give you an early look at the top 25 prospects in the state...

#25: Stich could play either tailback or defensive back at the next level, but when we've seen him live, the talented senior-to-be showed the instincts and explosiveness to be a devestating safety. So far, Stich is still waiting on his first offer, but he's had plenty of schools from the FBS and FCS levels sending him information and asking for his film and transcripts.

#24: Alfrey is the epitome of a versatile athlete. He took snaps as a quarterback, tailback, wideout and tight end on offense while playing linebacker and safety on defense. He seems to project well on defense, but we're looking forward to getting a look at him this spring and summer.

#23: Jumbo athlete who can play on either side of the ball, but he is at his best along the defensive line. Pressley is strong at the point of attack, but he missed all but five games during his junior year with nagging injuries, so his this spring and summer will be huge for him as far as getting on more coaches' radars. So far, Oregon State and Washington have been to two schools in contact with Pressley.

#22: If he was a tad bit taller, we'd be talking about Hines being one of the top five to 10 recruits in the state. That being the case, he'll be a steal for whichever school wants to step up and extend him an offer. He's smart, he's instinctive and he's a sure tackler. He also pretty good in space. Keep an eye on Hines because with his productivity and leadership ability, he should see a handful of offers once we get into the spring and summer.

#21: Ifanse was the best player on the Wolverines' squad last season and he can be effective in a lot of different roles. Ifanse shows natural defensive back instincts and that's where we feel he will likely wind up in college, but he's also a pretty good runner with good vision and toughness. Expect him to hit the camp circuit this spring and summer and once coaches get a look at what he can do in person, he should be able to garner at least a few offers before the start of his senior season. 

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