Austin Osborne

Commitment Impact - Austin Osborne

Washington got some good news on Friday when Mission Viejo (Ca.) WR Austin Osborne decided to commit to the Dawgs. Here's how his commitment impacts the 2018 recruiting and the roster once he arrives...

What to like

The first thing you notice when you watch Osborne's film is his size. He's big (6'3", 180) and he's very athletic. He also appears to have a very impressive knowledge of how to run routes and set up defensive backs. The other thing that really stands out is his ability to run away from defenders once the ball is in his hands. Osborne appears to have great football speed and rarely if ever gets caught from behind.

Osborne has also put up big numbers -- 36 receptions for 961 yards and 16 touchdowns -- while playing against some of the top skill talent in the country at the prep level. 

Flat out, the kid knows how to get open and he's got the speed to make plays in the open field once the ball is in his hands.


What needs work 

While he appears to work hard as a blocker, Osborne, like most high school wideouts who enter college, will need to work on his blocking. 

We'd also like to see Osborne be even more physical than he already is and that will come as he adds size and strength to his already impressive frame.

How he fits 

Given that we've yet to see what Washington's receiver depth chart will look like this spring and then in the fall once Ty JonesTerrell Bynum and Alex Cook, it's tough to say where Osborne will fit into things, but with his size, polished route-running skills and soft hands, he could easily find his way into the rotation once he arrives in 2018. A big key will be how the three aforementioned wideouts fit in as well. We expect Osborne to be an 'X' in Washington's scheme where he faces more one-on-one battles and can use his size and route-running skills to be a mismatch against corners and safeties.

How he impacts the 2018 class

From crunching the numbers, it's hard to imagine Washington taking more than three wideouts and it's very likely they will take just two in the 2018 recruiting class. 

Obviously, Osborne will take one of those spots, so it will be interesting to see how the other receiver dominoes fall.

Husky receiver coach Bush Hamdan has targeted several other California receivers -- Chase WilliamsMarquis SpikerJalen Hall and Michael Wilson -- and there are a handful of local targets -- Treshaun HarrisonJesiah Irish and Mason Starling -- who also have caught their eyes as well.

Harrison is a freak who could wind up on either side of the ball, so Osborne's commitment probably doesn't effect him, but for the others, things are going to start getting tighter as far as numbers are concerned.

The Bottom Line

In order to run Washington's offense, they need talented wideouts who can get open and make plays with the ball in their hands.

Osborne is a perfect example of what they are looking for with his size, athleticism and advanced receiver skills and he should be able to fit in nicely once he arrives in the summer of 2018.

With almost a year left until he can sign, unless the NCAA adds an early signing period for prep prospects, the Huskies will have to work hard to keep him in the fold, but he's an outstanding addition to the class that already features one of the top-rated quarterbacks (Jacob Sirmon) and he should be able to form a nice combination with his future teammate down the road. Top Stories