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Junior Day Prospect Comments

Washington hosted several dozen in-state prospects this weekend for their first Junior Day event of the 2018 recruiting cycle. Here's a running thread with comments from several of the top players that were there...

6:18 PM

Comments: "It was good. I had a good time. Washington is pretty impressive from a football and academic standpoint. Their facilities are unreal and they have all the bells and whistles and shiny things, but they aren't just about that stuff. They really just wanted us to get to know the program better and to spend some time with us. Coach (Bob) Gregory is the coach who recruits our area, so I talked with him for a while. He asked me where I saw myself playing (in college). That's a question I've been asked a few times and I still don't have a great answer because I love playing both wideout and safety. If I keep growing, I might grow into an 'in-the-box' safety or outside linebacker, but right now, I think most schools see me as a receiver."

Notes: Fouch said he's planning on hitting Junior Days at Washington State (April 1st), Montana State and Montana and said that, as far as camps are concerned, he plans to focus on the main schools recruiting him -- Montana, Montana State, Eastern Washington and Washington State. Obviously that could change in the future as more schools start to show interest.

5:55 PM

Comments: "The visit went great. It was nice to get to go around and see the school and the dorms and the facilities and really get a feel for what it's like to be a student-athlete there. It was also really cool to get the 'Built For Life' presentation and see what their philosophy is with their prospects and players. When I got the chance to talk with coach (Chris) Petersen, he said he remembered me visiting for a game (Stanford) last season and he also came and watched our game vs. Puyallup, so he was familiar with me and what I can do. We didn't talk much about football. It was more about getting to know the coaches and the program better while we were there."

Notes: Weed had hoped to visit Washington State for their Junior Day on April 1st, but a family event scheduled for that same weekend will not allow him to head to Pullman. He is hoping to visit CaliforniaUCLAOregon and Oregon State for their Junior Day events, but has not been able to set up an itinerary at this point. 

5:34 PM

Comments: "I really liked the facilities and was really impressed with their presentation and the tour we got. It was a lot of fun and a lot of great information. What really stuck out to me was the dedication the coaches have for academics, but they aren't just about that. They expect their players to be great students and great football players, so they want you develop on the field as much as they do in the classroom. Coach (Keith) Bhonapha wasn't there, but I did get a chance to talk with the tight ends coach (Jordan Paopao) and he said coach Bhonapha definitely wanted to check up and me and see how I was doing. They like me as a running back, so they said just to be patient with the process."

Notes: Ifanse doesn't have any other Junior Day plans locked in, but said he is hoping to head down to Utah on April 8th. He said he's planning to hit camps this spring and summer at WashingtonWashington StateOregon and Oregon State and also said Utah is another one he's looking at although he hasn't locked it in.

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Comments: "I've been up there a lot, so nothing was really new, but it was still a lot of fun. I got a chance to catch up with coach (Jimmy) Lake for a little bit and the presentation and other stuff really helped me to get a better understanding of what it means to be a student-athlete at Washington."

Notes: Gordon said he hopes to hit one of the two West Coast NIKE Opening Regional events -- Los Angeles (March 12th) or Oakland (May 21st) -- and said he's trying to figure out which school camps he'd like to hit. As far as other Junior Days, Gordon is planning to head to Stanford's in mid-April and is looking at visiting USC for their event as well.

5:10 PM

Comments: "I had a really fun time hearing what the "Built For Life" philosophy is all about and then seeing the campus and all of the facilities. The coaches all talked about what they look for and how they like things done. Coach (Jonathan) Smith was the main coach I talked with and also coach (Bob) Gregory a little bit. Coach (Chris) Petersen said he just wanted us to understand that they have a process they go through when they evaluate guys and to not get frustrated that we don't have an offer yet. He told the group that and then he told that to me personally when we talked. It's fine. I understand their process and I'm willing to wait on them because they were up front about their process. Coach Petersen said he'd been watching my film and really liked it, so we'll see."

Notes: Irish had meniscus surgery on his knee and said he's expecting to be back to full health by the time baseball season rolls around. Irish is planning to attend Junior Days at Washington State (April 1st) and BYU (mid-April) and said he's hoping to hit camps at Washington and UCLA as well as the NIKE Opening Regional in Oakland on May 21st.

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Comments: "I had a great day over there with my coach. I got a chance to catch up with Coach (Chris) Strausser and (Chris) Peterson and learned a lot about the "Built For Life" philosophy they preach over there at the Dawg Pound. I learned a lot more about the whole recruiting process and have been invited back soon with my parents to spend some quality time with the coaches."

4:44 PM

Comments: "I couldn't stay for the whole day because I have a basketball game tonight, but I was able to stay for the morning part and lunch, so I got to spend a good amount of time with the coaches. I've already been up there a lot, so it was fine that I didn't get to stay for the whole presentation. I did really like coach (Chris) Petersen's message, the "Built For Life" philosophy he's been installing there. He really cares about you as a person, not just as a football player, but they definitely want you to be a good football player too. I talked a little with coach (Chris) Strausser. They mainly want me as an offensive linemen, but I have a chance to play defensive line if I go there too. It was good just to get to know them better and to talk with them. Coach Petersen is a great coach and he really made us all feel welcome there."

Notes: Cindric said he's planning to attend Oregon State's Junior Day (March 18th) and will possibly visit Washington State for their Junior Day on April 1st, but is unsure if that will happen or not. He's also planning to attend the Rivals Adidas Camp on April 9th in Los Angeles and then will be on campus at USC for their spring game on April 15th.

4:30 PM

Comments: "It went really well. There's a ton of opportunities there as both an athlete and academically. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before when we were up there. The food they served us was great and there really wasn't one thing that stuck out. It was all really impressive. Their nutritionists talked about things, their academic counselors were top notch, everything was just great. I didn't get to meet with coach (Jonathan) Smith, but I did talk to coach Petersen and he asked about my offseason and how things are going for me. I just felt really welcomed there."

Notes: Bardue has no other Junior Day visits planned, but said he's open to visiting some schools if he's invited. He's seen things pick up with California and Northern Arizona recently and he said he's hoping to hit camps at Northern Arizona and Montana and Washington, but nothing is set in stone at this point. Bardue is planning to take part in the NIKE Opening Regional event in Oakland on May 21st.

3:50 PM

Comments: "It's an impressive campus and their facilities are also really impressive. The coaches, trainers, academic counselors were all about not just helping you on the field, but also making sure you were a better person when you leave campus and helping you be better people. It's a great family atmosphere up there. I had a great time. I spoke mostly with coach (Chris) Petersen and a little bit with coach (Chris) Strausser. They were just asking me about wrestling (Baumann placed 9th in the state in the 285 pound class earlier in the day) and just getting to know me better. They really didn't talk a ton about football. It was more just getting to know us better and letting us know what the program is like and that they'll be recruiting us and evaluating us."

Notes: Baumann said he's planning to attend Washington State's Junior Day on April 1st and said the only camp he's sure he'll hit this spring and summer is Washington's Dirt Dawgs camp (June). Top Stories