An Opponent's View: CB Keith Taylor

With the 2017 class signed, we made calls to some coaches and players who faced off against each Husky signee and got their thoughts on what made them so tough to go up against. Today we get things started with Servite (Anaheim, Ca.) CB Keith Taylor...

The Story - Taylor committed to Washington on Christmas Eve back in 2015. At the time, he was a highly sought-after 2017 defensive back prospect due his size (6'2", 180) and his ball skills. His offers were limited because he was sold on Chris Petersen, Jimmy Lake and Washington from the beginning, therefore many schools didn't pursue him after that as he let them know he was locked in, keeping his total number of offers down. As it was, Taylor chose Washington over offers from Arizona State, Cal, Oregon, San Jose State and Utah.

Senior Season Stats - Taylor missed one game and most of another after getting into an altercation on the field, but he still managed to post 28 tackles, one tackle-for-loss, eight pass breakups, one interception and a fumble recovery. He was named First Team All-Trinity League after his senior season.

Opposing Coach's View - "Taylor is a tough matchup for receivers in high school. The receivers he goes up against, the ones that had the most success against him, were guys who could get off the jam with him. He loves to play head-up on guys, so you have to send your receivers in motion if he's going to play that way, because if he gets his hands on them at the line, he'll just lock them up and they won't go anywhere. He struggled in space at times, so we liked to put him in space and that's the most success we were able to have against him. He will come up and hit you. He's great in run support. We rarely ran to his side. He will take on tight ends, receivers and fullbacks, but when a lineman pulls, if they have good feet, he'll try to avoid them and that is when we were able to chunk (get big chunks of yardage) him. His size is really impressive. We never threw deep against him, not because he has great speed, his speed is pretty average, but with his height and long arms, he was tough to throw over and he's got good ball skills, so he'll either knock it away or come away with the pick."

Opposing players' view - "He's tough. He's really strong at the line, so you can't get off press with him very easily. The most success we had against him was when he was in off-coverage because we could run routes underneath him and with his aggressiveness, we ran combo routes and he usually jumped the hook route and then the other route got behind him either on a corner or an out route. He's tough to block because he uses his hands well and keeps you from getting into his body." Top Stories