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Last week, the Dawgman staff went 7-4. This week we get to pick yet another Big-10 opponent for the Huskies, this time the Indiana Hoosiers. Washington is the first Pac-10 opponent that Indiana has faced in 21 years. The Cream and Crimson last visited Seattle in 1976, when fan favorite Lee Corso led them to victory.

Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 0-1.
Dick was away from his computer, but we knew what he was going to say anyway:
I love the Dawgs…
I used to coach the Dawgs…
Now I write about the Dawgs…
Do I dare pick against the Dawgs?

Prediction: Washington 49, Indiana 4

Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 1-0.
The Huskies and Hoosiers both got smacked around last week, the only difference was the level of opponent. Indiana lost badly to UConn, while Washington's defeat came to those rugged Buckeyes from the Midwest. Look for Washington to score through the air early, then work on its running game once the game is in hand. While Rich Alexis will get the start, Kenny James will put himself on the Montlake map with at least one trip to paydirt.

Prediction: Washington 44, Indiana 10

Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 1-0.
The most interesting stat from the Hoosiers' football team is that they will have traveled 6,432 miles for their first two games … okay, enough of travel-gate. This is the Huskies' chance to show the Big Ten that they can compete after all, albeit it's like going from the Penthouse to the doormat…

Dawgs 38, Hoosiers 10

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 0-1.
Say what?? I picked Washington to beat Ohio State? Someone must have spiked my Pepsi. However, my record is still 0-0 because I am taking a prediction mulligan. I shanked my first drive, it happens. Time to tee up another ball high and let it fly. It is now with sobered-up acumen that I hereby pick the Huskies to beat Indiana.

Prediction: Washington 48, Indiana 17

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 1-0.
For as much as the Washington lines were out-muscled last week by the Ohio State fronts, it might even be a bigger mismatch up front this week, this time favoring the Huskies. Assuming for a moment that Washington is two touchdowns better than Connecticut, let's add one for something unusual (perhaps a kick return TD, perhaps a defensive score, perhaps a center-eligible ala M*A*S*H - ramble on Todd!!), then take away two scores for liberal substituting, general home-opener sloppiness, and having to endure the 45-minute halftime extravaganza celebrating Husky Stadium's one-billionth rendition of The Wave - remember to redeem those ticket stubs at any participating Fred Meyer for your free tube of Preparation H.

Prediction: Washington 48, Indiana 17

Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 0-1.
Baring a swinging gate in the face of the Husky squad by those tricky Hoosiers, this should be a name-the-score week in Washington's favor.

Ignoring the specter of San Jose and Wyoming, we will go with the positive for the good guys and look for a physical game with a dominating effort for the Purple and Gold

Prediction: UW 56, Hickory High 0

Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 1-0.
This game UW will win for sure…
Indiana is the other end of the spectrum in the Big-10…
Besides Corso will pick Indiana …
And he is always wrong.

Prediction: Washington 42, Indiana 17

Henry Han, Intern. Record: 1-0.
Haven't we seen this before? Lose a tough opening game and then get some gimmie games at home to ease the pain of that loss. It will be interesting to see how Washington reacts this year to this similar scenario. For some reason, I do not think that Indiana will bow down easily. All the talk about getting more players more reps sounds as if we are expecting to use our backups by the second half. Remember San Jose State? Don't count your PT before we play the games. Still, I can't see the Dawgs lose this one.

Prediction: Washington 42, Indiana 21

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 1-0.
My prediction for Indiana? Pain. With Gerry DiNardo whining all the way to Husky Stadium, it sounds a little too reminiscent of the Huskies' second trip to Miami in 2001, a land where no one in purple and gold dare tread. Indiana's traveling roster includes only 8 seniors, and transfer QB Matt LoVecchio will need a lot more than Touchdown Jesus on his resume to elude a Husky D with a serious chip on their shoulder. Washington fans will see the 'round mound of ground'-side of Keith Gilbertson Saturday, as Rich Alexis will be the 13th straight RB to run for over 100 yards a game against the hapless Hoosiers.

Prediction: Washington 65, Indiana 7

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 1-0.
There's a game on Saturday?
And they're only bringing 65 scholarship guys?
It won't be a game, it will be a bloodbath.
Look for Gilby's Round Mound of Ground to rack up the yards.

Dawgs (yawn) roll, 56-7

David Samek, Publisher. Record: 0-1.
Well, 12-0 went by the wayside. That's OK, as long as the Dawgs show improvement each week. They should show enormous improvement on Saturday, particularly in the running game. I'm not ready to panic, I believe in this team and in Cody's ability to lead them. The defense showed well most of the game at OSU. They'll continue to get better in their simplified schemes, it takes time. They'll get there and I'm still convinced that this team will compete for a Pac-10 title, until they show me otherwise. I'm not off the bandwagon yet. The offensive line looks tired, so hopefully they'll play more in rhythm and less hurriedly for the next few weeks. The important thing is to be clicking by the time Stanford comes to town.

Prediction: Washington 34, Indiana 13
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