Hunter Bryant (Brandon Huffman)

An Opponent's View: TE Hunter Bryant

With the 2017 class signed, we made calls to some coaches and players who faced off against each Husky signee and got their thoughts on what made them so tough to go up against. Today we take a look at Eastside Catholic (Sammamish, Wa.) TE Hunter Bryant...

The Story - Rated as the second-best tight end in the country, Bryant had offers from schools up and down the West Coast and from across the country. UCLA was the school that Washington had to hold off to get Bryant's commitment, but it was never really in doubt where he would wind up.

Senior Season Stats - Bryant finished his career with 138 receptions for 2,483 yards and 35 touchdowns including 56 receptions for 979 yards and 10 touchdowns as a senior even though he missed five games due to an injured knee midway through the season. 

Opposing Coach's View - "He was basically a mis-match the moment he stepped on the field. If we stuck a corner or safety on him, he just out-muscled them at the line and got relatively easy releases. If we stuck a linebacker on him, he'd just run right by them. He could go short or deep, it really didn't matter. Obviously you'd need to talk to his coaches, but we didn't see him block that much. I'd say, if that's his weakness, that's probably it, but my guess is he's a great blocker, the kid did everything really well, however they didn't ask him to do that too much so we really didn't see him do very much of that. Some of our guys faced him in 7-on-7 stuff during the spring and summer and they said he's all business from the moment he gets to the field. He doesn't play 'grab ass' and goof off. He's pretty focused and he's a fiery competitor from what I saw."

Opposing players' view - "When we played (Eastside Catholic), we basically didn't want him to beat us deep so we just let him catch the ball short and then had to come up and make the tackle. He's really tough to bring down. We couldn't bring him down one-on-one, so we had to come up and hold on and hope our teammates came and helped. He's a tough competitor too. He loves to mix it up, but he'll also help you up after he flattens you. He blocked pretty well vs. the run, but our safety came up and got into (his pads) and he wasn't able to block him very well, so that was probably the biggest weakness with him I saw." Top Stories