Seattle's Finest Cop Won't Forget

This is Officer Lee Groinman…That's Right…just one more shell-shocked American. What else can anybody say that hasn't already been said? These bastards will be caught and punished.

Thanks, to those who are workin' so hard in the rescue/relief effort! We all wish we could help!

Then the tragedy in Mexico. The sixteen Dawg fans . . .

God bless you folks.

And of course, to those of you, to be called upon to do the "other" clean up!!

Ya' know over the last coupla' football seasons, I had two Uncles, and a cousin die, all sudden, all unexpected, and all durin' football season! I mean no plannin' at all! No sir! I mean some of us here got married on a bye…but dying? Then we had my ma-in-law, Ma Lu, pass on just after last years ASU game, but, we'd seen that one comin'.

So this year, I tell my wife Gloria. "Gloria, I don't give a rip who dies this year. If I write any of those stories again, and somebody drops around here…why I'm just not gonna write about it! This is a FOOTBALL board! Not the obits! I'll never write about death AGAIN!!

Now, I can hear the voice, and the words of my Uncle Kenny Lee…

"Never say never… never again Lee… for never is a very long time!"

This is just not just an American tragedy - this is a global tragedy! May God Bless the good people of the entire globe!!!

Well ya' know, last year we had a bunch of laughs, but in the end we really kinda' sang and danced our way into the Rose Bowl. Take note here! We did not BACK IN!! I think you Dawg fans know what I'm sayin'! We "fourth quartered ‘em! " Then off course, along the way, came that tragic day down at Stanford. None of us will ever forget Curtis Williams, CW #25!!

God Bless Curtis Williams!!

Last year was special in a very tragic way . . . this year already is.

Last year, as well as two weeks ago, with the Michigan game, Husky Football, to me anyway, had a kinda theme to it. All of the 4th quarter heroics, the come from behinds, all the victories, well they just had a certain style. My buddies, Desk Sarge Deano, Deputy Mikey, and myself, typically came away with a slogan. "A "W "is a "W," . . . Just let it go!!

Gonna be awful tough, this year . . . to just . . . let it go.

I've always been aware of omens and superstitions, not that these two bastards rule my life or nuthin'. Like I said, I'm just "aware."

I just can't say, that I'm a believer in "coincidences" any longer - there is no such thing. Last year, before the Idaho game, I can remember followin' this car with Idaho tags, the dang thing threw a rock and chipped my perfectly good 21- year old windshield! I had that windshield for 21 years!! It kinda set me off! Then we had to park in between not one, but TWO Idaho rigs!!

I don't think a chipped windshield will ever bother me again . . .

Yup, we had a pretty good time with those Idaho folks. I know a lot of good Idaho jokes. I hope to see a good crowd of Idaho fans here in the Dawg House!

Welcome Idaho! Let's not give those terrorist bastards the satisfaction of ruinin' OUR GAME!!

But, it is . . . just a game. While we will get better . . . we should never . . . ever get over this.

Because as you know - never, is a very long time.


Groinman's tip of the week: Get there early, be unified, and be of strong voice for the SINGING!!

We just may sing TWO SONGS!! Did you catch the Prayer Service in Washington Cathedral? When they sang the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" as the closing Hymn?

Glory, Glory, HALLeluJAH!!

Amen . . .

Bow Down To Washington . . .

And may God Bless America. Top Stories