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An Opponent's View: WR Ty Jones

With the 2017 class signed, we made calls to some coaches and players who faced off against each Husky signee and got their thoughts on what made them so tough to go up against. Today we take a look at Provo (Ut.) WR Ty Jones...

The Story - Jones committed to Utah after his junior season, but eventually flipped to Washington in the spring. UCLA and Ohio State made late offers to the talented wideout and forced the Huskies to fend them off, but in the end, the talented wideout eventually signed with them and is set to enroll later this month in time for the start of spring football. 

Senior Season Stats - Played in the Army All-American Game and was named First Team All-State by the USA Today after finishing with 63 receptions for 1,523 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Opposing Coach's View - "He was soft as a junior. We came up and jammed him a lot and he couldn't get off the press very well at all. Fast forward to this year, he was a completely different guy. He loved guys being up in press on him. His releases got so much better and that allowed him to get by guys and with his size and soft hands, he was a deadly threat down the field. He's only average as a open-field guy. He makes most of his plays on balls in the air, he's special in that regard, but if he catches it short, his short-area quickness wasn't anything special. We just had to come up and break down and make the play in front of us. That's how we played him when we faced him. He's also improved as a blocker, but he's still just okay in that area."

Opposing players' view - "He improved a lot from his junior to senior year. We basically shut him down when he was a junior. He wasn't tough at all. One of our guys came up and threw a forearm into his chest and he basically just quit and wasn't a factor at all. This year though, he was a lot tougher. He was a different guy honestly. We faced them in 7v7 stuff and he was great, but then when we saw him in the season, he just killed us. He threw a block on one of our linebackers that sent him out for the rest of the game. He's also really great when the ball is in the air. He'll outjump you, he was really good at positioning his body and shielding the defenders. He killed us this year."

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