Ariel Ngata (Brandon Huffman)

An Opponent's View: LB Ariel Ngata

With the 2017 class signed, we made calls to some coaches and players who faced off against each Husky signee and got their thoughts on what made them so tough to go up against. Today we take a look at Folsom (Ca.) LB Ariel Ngata...

The Story - Ngata really impressed a lot of scouts during the recruiting process with his length and athleticism. He earned four stars and was selected to play in the Army All-American Game. The Huskies got Ngata in the boat very early (May) and he never wavered even though he had offers from most of the Pac 12 including California which put the pressure on pretty heavily late in the process.

Senior Season Stats - Received First Team All-California honors from USA Today after posting 65 tackles, 6.5 sacks and helping to lead his team to a 12-2 record.

Opposing Coach's View - "We played them three times in his time there and he was really good as a junior and senior against us. He's stronger than he looks and he's got those long arms, so he could keep blockers off of him and then disengage and go make the play. He has a gret first step, so our linemen really had to work hard to keep him out of the backfield. I think he had three sacks against us in two games. He's super aggressive, so we were able to get him with play-action or mis-direction. He used his hands well, but when he didn't, he really struggled. If he lost his fundamentals, he got pushed around. We ran right at him as a junior and he struggled to hold up, but as a senior, he was much better and we had to double him. He's not good in reverse. If he dropped into coverage, he looked lost."

Opposing players' view - "He was really tough to block. Our back tried to cut (block) him and he used his hands well to keep him off his knees and then he hit our QB hard. He's got a great first step so he caused a lot of problems off the edge. We chipped him a few times and that kept him out of our backfield." Top Stories