UW Pro Day - Kevin King

Washington senior CB Kevin King talks about his pro day performances, the combine and his thoughts on the drat process...

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On the Draft process/combine: "It was great knowing all of those guys so personally (at the combine). In a process like this, you're never alone, so it's good to have guys with you (like Sidney Jones and Budda Baker). It's real tight down there at the combine, it's only NFL personnel, you can't have your mom come, so it's nice to have somebody there with you and to have a little fun with throughout this process because it's long. Watching it on TV it's not really what you think it will be, so it's a grind, but it's also a blessing."

On what he was hoping to show at the Pro Day: "Really just consistency. When I went out there (at the Combine) on Monday and had a good outing. I just wanted to be consistent. If you make one good play in a game and get beat three times, that's not a good game. Just showcased what I could do and being consistent in what I do."

On the toughest part of the process: "Really just staying focused. Coming from being a student athlete and coming to the business side, but that's why I have people around me like my agent and my family that can help me with that stuff. Now as a businessman, I have my own brand and next will be the brand of whichever team in the market that I'm in, but going from me as a college student to me as a professional athlete, but I'm coming along."

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