UW Pro Day - Tani Tupou

Former Husky defensive lineman Taniela Tupou talks about going through the draft process yet again.

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On what he learned as a rookie in the NFL: "Just keep working, don't give up and the road to play footall is a winding road, it has ups and downs, and I've faced adversity before, so why not come out and do it again (at UW Pro Day)."

On doing the offensive and defensive drills today: "I'm still doing the full athlete thing. Last year was my rookie year so you still gotta prove yourself and show that you're worthy, so once they see my strengths, they can see what I do best."

On what interest he's been getting: "Last year I had no idea what the process was about and didn't know what to expect. Obviously I've had the ups and downs of it and now that you're a professional, there's other guys that have been there, so I've been learning from them."

On the road ahead for him: "Just wait for the call, that's all you can do. Have faith and keep working hard and working out and continue to stay busy. That's the biggest thing."Join the discussion on Dawgman's message boards

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