UW Pro Day - Budda Baker

Husky safety Budda Baker talks about the draft process and what it's been like since the NFL combine ended...

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On the NFL Combine: "It was a great experience. All of the meetings, psychological tests and all that type of stuff, kinda takes a toll on you, but it's a mental game as well as a physical game on the last day."

On the craziest question he got at the combine: "Craziest question was 'how do you get 37-cents using eight coins?'. I had no clue, so that was a crazy question."

On what he wanted to prove to people at the Pro Day workout: "I just wanted to prove that I was fluid in my DB drills, that I can catch the ball, mostly that I'm just fluid and under control when I'm breaking."

On how he felt he performed: "I felt really good about it. I dropped one ball, so I have to get the pushups in for that, but overall it was pretty good."

On what he's heard from teams since the combine: "I've got good feedback. They feel like I can play nickel, free safety. They ask me if I can play corner. I feel like I can play corner. They say I have good film, so it's really a matter of who picks me."

On the next six weeks before the Draft: "Just stay training, having private workouts with teams and visiting teams, so just for me it's training all over again."

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