UW Pro Day - Deontae Cooper

Former Washington and San Jose State RB Deontae Cooper talks about his draft process...

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On the Pro Day - “It was a good experience. First and foremost I want to thank Coach Pete for letting me come back and compete one last time where it all started for me. God is good, man. Couldn’t say thank you enough for just coming back here and being able to finish out my career at U-Dub.”

How was life like for you down in San Jose? - “It was good. Can’t thank them enough, they gave me an opportunity to come in and compete for a starting role and gave it to me after camp. That’s what I wanted and they gave me an opportunity and I’m grateful to San Jose State for that.”

What was the end result of the Pro Day experience? - “Just wanted to come out here and give myself an opportunity to showcase my abilities and I did a good job of doing that.”

Do you know any of your testing numbers? - “I don’t, but after the day’s over hopefully I can sit down and get those numbers official and then go from there.”

What happens from here until after the draft? - “The plan is to get back in the lab with my trainer at Game Fit and then talk with my agent and kind of go from there.”

Any contact or interest so far? - “It hasn’t started yet but I feel confident with my performance today. We’ll see how it goes.”

Strictly as a running back? - “Strictly. It doesn’t matter what they want me to do. If they ask me to do it I’m going to line up and do it.”

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