UW Pro Day - John Ross

Husky wideout John Ross talks NFL Combine, UW Pro Day and the process that's underway...

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How was it for you today? - “It was good. Had a good time. It feels good to be finishing up this process and heading into something bigger.”

What’s the next six weeks going to be like for you? - “Recovery from my shoulder. Take it easy, get on the mental side more and just get ready for the draft.”

Surgery still scheduled for next week? - “Yes. Glad that this is all over so I can focus on that.”

How has your life changed since last weekend? - “I wouldn’t say my life has changed. Definitely getting more noticed. But I’ve been kind of running fast for a long time, so it’s kind of normal for me. I’m still thankful.”

Surprise yourself being able to run that fast? - “Definitely. All my times combined - my 10-yard split, 20-yard split - I thought my fastest time would end up being 4.26. Adrenaline was going. It was a good day. Happy about that.”

What did you want to accomplish today? - “I just wanted to come out and finish, show everybody I can run more than just the go ball. I think I did a pretty good job of showcasing that I can get in and out of my breaks.”

Did you do anything else today? - “No. Just routes.”

People starting to realize you’re more than just a fast guy? - “Not really. At the end of the day I’ve still got to be a football player and that’s all I’m really worried about. Not if someone thinks I’m faster than everyone else. It is nice to see everybody say, ‘Oh boy, he is fast’, because it’s funny. Some people had me projected at 4.5. It’s always good to get a good laugh out of that.”

Did you see Sidney go down? - “I didn’t, but I heard about it. I prayed for him when he was out there. He’s a strong guy, he’ll be good for sure.”

What is it like to be back in Seattle? - “I’ve got to finish school so it’s even better. So it’s been an amazing year for me, going to get my degree, in the process of getting drafted, Pac-12 Champions. It’s been a good year. I’m so thankful for that.”

Draft night plans? - “Still being decided. Hopefully I get the (green room) invite. I’m just basically waiting and I’ll celebrate with my family. That’s the biggest part.”

Happy for coach Hamdan getting the job in Atlanta? - “It’s amazing. It’s a blessing just to see somebody so so good as him, so well deserving. I couldn’t wish nobody else in that position because he’s a very good guy, very good coach and it’s good to see him proceed and go somewhere bigger than here. Obviously this is a great place but he’s a great coach and it’s good to see him get there.”

Any words for the UW receivers still here, like Dante (Pettis)? - “We all went out to eat last night and I just continue to tell him, just keep working because they are going to enjoy this process. I had nothing but fun, there’s no negatives. All positives and smiles. Like I said, it’s just a blessing, there’s blessings all around. You can’t be nothing but thankful, so I told them to keep working hard. You can be in this position too. Just keep telling them to keep going hard.”

Any surprises in this process for you? - “They heighted me at 5-10. I thought I was taller than that. Other than that, no surprises. Just enjoyment.”

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