UW Pro Day - Elijah Qualls

Husky defensive lineman Elijah Qualls talks about the draft process...

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On how former teammates are helping him through the process: "Amazing. I'm somebody, I like being prepared for the game and this is the game right now, so being able to have that intel, some techniques, things they used, how to carry it out, get through it, helped a lot."

On his conversations with the coaches and scouts at the NFL Combine: "Some intense and there were some that were really laid back. There were definitely some coaches on both sides. They were either just pounding me with questions or some were like 'hey, who are you?' and 'what are you like?' and "this is what we do, are you cool with that?' so there was a variety of different approaches."

On if he's tired of the process at this point: "I'm ready to play actual football. This stuff is cool and everything like that, it's necessary to get to where I'm trying to get to, but I'm not a track star, I'm not a tester, I play football, that's what I do, so that's what I'm ready to get back to doing."

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