UW Pro Day - Joe Mathis

Husky DL/LB Joe Mathis talks about his recovery from surgeries on both legs and the feedback he's been getting from NFL clubs...

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What were you hoping to get accomplished in Indianapolis? - “Just meet with the coaches, check out medically with the staff, the doctors and stuff. That was the main thing. It was a business trip, just tell them what really happened at the University of Washington and the injury because everyone was wondering what happened. Coming out with everything, pretty much. That’s what I was trying to accomplish and building relationships with coaches and I feel like I did a pretty good job with that.”

Are you going back to follow up on the medicals? - “They said I’m going to be a medical re-check, so whenever they say I’ve got to go I’m going to go.”

What was the purpose coming out to today’s Pro Day? - “Support my guys, meet with a couple more scouts and be here supporting my guys and I miss everybody here so it was time for me to come out. It was cool.”

When and where are you going to try and do your private workouts? - “Either April 10th or April 15th in California.”

So everything you’re doing right now is gearing up for that? - “Yeah. Foot is 100 percent healed, now it’s just strengthening it. I don’t want nothing to happen and I could have done stuff out here today but I want to show all the good of me. I don’t want to come out here and run a 4.8. I want to show them I can run again. That’s the main reason. I don’t want to give them less of me.”

Can you use the fact that you haven’t been able to work out yet in your favor at all? - “I feel like my film speaks for itself. Some people think I’m slow, I’m not athletic. I just use it as motivation to go out there. I’m going to drop some weight the next couple weeks. At the combine I was 266 and I played at 245. I’m going to shock everybody.”

What positions have teams talked to you about playing? - “A lot of teams want me to play at SAM ‘backer in the 4-3 and in third downs drop down as an edge rusher. That’s what a lot of teams want me to play. They try to test me on my football IQ to see if I would be able to play that. Teams want me to play that, teams want me to play d-end, some of the coaches were fighting over…is he a d-end, is he a ‘backer. I told them I can play anywhere. I can play d-tackle, can play middle linebacker, can play d-end, play outside ‘backer. I can play anywhere. Just let me know where you want me to be at and I can play that position.”

What’s the craziest question you got at the combine? - “I didn’t really get asked a crazy question. With me it wasn’t really a test: they were really just trying to see where I’m at and what happened when I was up here and all that stuff. I never got asked a crazy question. Probably if I had ever gotten arrested, that’s probably it. Nothing really crazy.”

Talk about being a Dad and how that’s affected things for you - “Being a Dad is the best thing ever and my son is seven months, 29 inches long, 22 pounds, and it’s the best feeling being around him. Coming home from a long day working out and get to come home and he’s kicking his feet, happy to see you and stuff. It’s funny with my son. I would try and go use the bathroom or something and if I don’t come and pick him up he’s crying. It’s the best feeling waking up to him and seeing him. It motivates me. My wife, both of them motivate me. I wouldn’t change it for the world. It changed me for the good.”

At the same time, does it add any extra pressure to the workout, knowing that’s your one chance to impress scouts? - “No. When I got injured, I’m happy I got injured because it made me figure out who I am as a person. I have faith in God, I got close to God through the depression and all that stuff, so I’m going to keep faith in God and I know God, if I’m ready God is going to let me go. So when it comes to the draft and which round I’m going in? Some people think I’m going end of first and all that stuff? I’m going to let God have that in control. I can’t control that. I don’t care which round I go to, I just want to play football again.”

Thought about what you’re going to do on Draft Day? - “My draft day plans is be there with my son and my wife and sit there and wait for the call. I’m not trying to have a party or anything because as soon as I get drafted it’s back to work again. The grind don’t stop.”

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