UW Pro Day - Jake Eldrenkamp

Husky offensive linemen Jake Eldrenkamp talks about the draft process and what it was like to work at the Washington Pro Day...

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How did you do today? - “It felt really good. It was good to get out there moving. It’s fun as a big guy to get out there and move around like a skill guy. Ran a good 40, ran good tests, stayed healthy and got some good drill work on the field.”

What did you weigh in at? - “I weighed in at 302. I don’t know about my times yet, they didn’t tell us. They’ll probably release it pretty soon. But probably low 5s on the 40 and felt pretty good on the l-drill and shuttle.”

What was that like to have a number of other offensive linemen out there working out with you? Eases the pressure a little bit? - “It’s good to be able to rotate through a little bit. It’s obviously good to see these guys. I played with Micah (Hatchie) for three years and he got a little banged up so he got a chance to show he’s back and obviously healthy again. Sifa (Tufunga) getting another shot, and obviously Shane (Brostek).”

What did you do to get ready for the combine? - “We had a short turnaround because of the bowl game being so late. Two weeks later I was playing in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, so it was about seven weeks of preparation and just hitting it hard six days a week, twice a day and it was a grind but it was worth it.”

So talk about the NFLPA game - “It was awesome. There were a lot of scouts down there so it was pretty cool to get to know all the teams. They get to know you. There’s long interviews and great competition so it was cool to compete against guys in the same caliber.”

What’s your schedule from now until draft day? - “Just continuing to work out, continuing to grind. There’s a lot of uncertainty but it’s a heckuva ride and I’m loving every minute of it.”

Notice you got a chance to talk with coach (Pat) Ruel from the Seahawks. Anyone else you’ve been talking to so far? - “There’s obviously a handful. My agent is handling most of that for now and it’ll pick up now that Pro Day is over and get some workouts going.”

Going to be racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles the next month? - “I sure hope so.”

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