UW Combine Day - Coleman Shelton

Husky offensive linemen Coleman Shelton talks about his performance at the UW Combine and how the offseason has been progressing...

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On watching his teammates in the NFL Combine: "It was definitely really cool to see those guys going. Watching the whole thing, knowing those guys, actually some of them are younger than me which is kinda funny, but it's a cool experience."

On his take from the Husky Combine: "I just test myself, see if I can better myself, and do better than I did last year. That's mainly it -- competing with myself."

On if there's a different feel this offseason after a successful season: "We definitely don't think we've arrived, so that's one of the things. We're just focusing on having the best workout we've ever had, so that's just our biggest thing. Last year happened, but we've got to get over that and focus on the next year. It just goes day by day and getting better, as good as we can (get)."

On his weight: "297."

On the exposure for the program and how that filters down to the players: "It felt great. Knowing those guys and they did so well, they went to Washington, and it shows that a lot of the hard work that we put in pays off."

On his new coach, Scott Huff: "He's a great guy. We knew any coach that coach Pete (Chris Petersen) was going to be a great hire. We're excited to get working with him and he seems fun and energetic and we're getting ready for it."

On his first impression of Huff: "That he wanted us to play hard and physical so that was fun. It's cool to see."

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