UW Combine Day - Keishawn Bierria

Husky senior LB Keishawn Bierria talks about the offseason so far...

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On his weight: "Weighed in at 230."

On his goals for the offseason: "Just put on a little weight, strengthen my legs, keep grinding really, make sure my guys are right. Right now, we're just in a time of grinding and making sure guys are going as hard as they can when we train and maximizing our strength for right now."

On if the season accomplishments have sunk in: "We could have finished it better than we did. We had a fantastic year, but it's always that competetive side where we think we can do better."

On if the Alabama game was a good learning experience: "Absolutely. You have to play a great game and we didn't get that done and that is why we didn't get the 'W' but it's just that one or two plays and we'd have been right back in the game and we recognize that."

On the competition for the group: "The competition is growing. There's a lot of open spots, every spot is open until the beginning of the season and the first game is the next day and we understand that and we try to coach guys and make sure they're ready to compete."

On if he and Azeem Victor talked about what their senior season will be like: "It's kinda crazy. We joke around saying we're the oldest guys on the team right now. That's crazy. I remember walking in and being the youngest guys on the team and the seniors joking around with us, but it's just the idea of 'wow, look where we're at now'."

On if seeing 7 teammates at the NFL Combine is motivating: "Absolutely. It seems like very year more and more Dawgs into the league and that's motivation for sure. You see guys you've been ginding with every day in the league and making a lot of money and that's definitely motivation."

On the fan turnout for the combine: "This is amazing. Husky nation always shows up in style. I'm happy to have them out here supporting us."

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