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The Huskies and Vandals should both be very eager to hit someone besides themselves, and to try to get back to some sense of routine after the horrible tragedies that occurred last week. Here are the predictions for this Saturday from the staff at dawgman.com:

Derek Johnson, Columnist - It won't feel normal at Husky Stadium, but it will be nice to be amid a sporting atmosphere again. The Huskies will open up the offense more than they did against Michigan. Save for a couple of bonehead turnovers that this openness will create, the big play will strike several times over for the Dawgs.

Washington 49, Idaho 14.
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations & Photography - Washington will run the ball behind two tight ends and hold the ball for most of the game. It won't be pretty, but it will be a win for the dawgs.

Washington 34, Idaho 7.
Rick Samek, Columnist - Idaho is facing their third straight PAC-10 opponent. Both teams are going to want to strap it up after the Hell that was last week -- Washington again wearing their hearts on their sleeve for the fallen 16. The pre-game will be full of emotion. It will be a tall order to control Wil Beck – an experienced line had all sorts of trouble with him last year. But the Vandal secondary is patchwork and undersized, and Washington holds a speed edge at nearly every position. The Huskies may come out with too MUCH emotion early, but the Idaho defense hasn't really stopped anyone yet.

Washington 45, Idaho 17.
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - The plan looks simple for the Dawg D - neutralize Welsh and make Lewis beat them. Will they get it done? No question, as the Husky offense looks to feast on a Vandal defense that has been utterly decimated by Washington State and Arizona, giving up 1035 total yards and 72 total points. Obviously from these stats, it appears the Vandals bend a lot, but comparatively speaking, don't break too often. Do you think the red zone offense that was so anemic two weeks ago against Michigan won't be a factor? A tip for Gilby (an admittedly audacious one at that); throw the fade to Reggie.

Washington 49, Idaho 21.
Pat Thrapp, Columnist - I expect this game with Idaho will become a Washington win. That shouldn't be taken as a knock on Idaho either. Heck they have stepped up to the plate and taken on 3 Pac-10 teams in a row. No small task. I think UW will throw a lot more. Not so much by design, as it is what will be there for the taking. Idaho has given up a ton of yards in the air their 1st 2 games. If most Husky fans are like me, we're thinking that just means those talented WR will get more action. YOHOO! Won't that be fun to watch! I have seen some prognostications saying Washington will score 40 or more. Not to sure of that with the mindset still heavily on the recent tragic events. We might see a sluggish 1st half.

Washington 34 - Idaho 13.
Cam Stevens, Columnist - Last year, the Huskies struggled somewhat to beat Idaho in their first game. Poor run defense gave Idaho an immediate touchdown, and we needed a lot of turnovers to really get the upper hand after the first quarter. I think we'll beat Idaho more easily this year. Because of the ease which WSU and Arizona scored against the Vandals, Gilby should feel comfortable in opening the offense up. This should make us more effective and we'll definitely get our first offensive touchdown of the year, if not several. And there won't be any big touchdown runs for the Spuds. But if LT doesn't get some help up front in this game, we'll have to blitz a lot like we did against Michigan. Welsh will be able to throw against that a bit. Still, Dawgs win fairly easily.

Huskies 38, Vandals 14.
Joe Kaiser, Husky Beat Writer - After being stuffed in game one against Michigan's stingy defense, the Huskies will look to move the ball on the ground against the less formidable Idaho team. Look for the Husky offensive line to show vast improvement in their second game together, and for both Willie Hurst and Rich Alexis to bounce back with big games. Two other players to look out for will be Paul Arnold and Charles Frederick, who didn't have an impact against Michigan but figure to play a large role in the Husky offense this season. Against Idaho's less experienced cornerbacks, this could be their coming out party. The Vandals aren't the team that they were last year - when they lost at Husky Stadium by 24 points - so look for an even more lopsided game this time around.

Washington 48, Idaho 17.
Dave Samek, Dawgman - Washington had trouble running the ball against Michigan. They worked on that a lot this week, more than a lot. Look for Rich Alexis and Willie Hurst to pound the Idaho front seven and grind up a lot of clock and over 200 yards on the ground. Yes, Wil Beck is a good one but Kyle Benn, Washington's center, is a better one. Cody Pickett will be turned a little looser than he was against Michigan, but Neuheisel won't show his entire hand to the Pac-10 in this one. Watch for Paul Arnold to be more involved this week.

Washington 41, Idaho 17.

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