Post Practice Video - Trey Adams

Husky junior offensive lineman Trey Adams talks about the first day of spring ball and about a change in his appearance...

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On his haircut “My girlfriend made me cut it. She didn’t like it anymore.”

How different was this offseason after last season? “It was pretty motivating. We know what we can do and what we’re capable of, so we definitely had a good mindset this offseason and I felt that we worked hard and it was just visualizing what we can do and taking that to every work out pretty much.”

What’s the different with coach Huff? “He’s a big energy guy, loves to joke around, but he’s all business. He’s a good guy. Just kind of feeling him out right now, but can’t say enough about him so far. He’s awesome.”

Is his scheme different? “He has different calls and stuff but that’s all. Same scheme, different calls.”

What’s it like with a new position coach? “Coach Petersen is pretty good on adjust. You’re environment is going to change. Your plays are going to change. You can’t whine about it, you just have to play. It’s been good so far.”

How does chemistry within the offensive line show on a day like today? “Everyone is comfortable with each other. Everyone’s comfortable, everyone’s having fun, flying around. It’s good just to see guys that we know that were here all offseason, so we have a good group right now and just kind of going out there, working hard, and trying to get better.”

Did you watch the Alabama tape and what did you learn? “They just had more good plays than we did. I can’t really remember the game because it was so long ago and so intense. For the most part, out played us. Turnovers were bad. Learned a lot about what we can do against really good players and other than that it was just a good learning experience and hopefully be back next year, but we have to focus on spring ball right now.”

What do you think of coach Huff? “Just a lot of energy, a lot of fun out there. He’s an upbeat guy. Loves to talk, loves to joke, but he’s all business. Different than coach Strausser in a way because Strausser was pretty dialed in, focused. This guy is kind of younger and upbeat. Nothing against Strausser, but this guy is just younger.”

Did you watch the national championship? What did you take away from it? “I did, yeah. That we could have been there. Just kind of, I visualized us there. It was just weird. We could have been there. It was kind of weird. It all just comes back to practice. Spring ball one day at a time. It’s been fun so far.”

Was it different not having Jake Browning back there? “Was he not back there? I didn’t even know. Yeah. We just listen to whoever it is, so it doesn’t really matter.”

What’s your weight right now? “I’m 320 right now. I got up to about 330 in the offseason. They didn’t want me that heavy. I feel good right now, 320. I think I’m moving pretty good for how much weight I put on. I feel strong.”

Do you have goals for spring? “Just technique. Playing stronger and pretty much just technique and obviously getting the new calls and stuff down. That will be big.”

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