Post Practice Video - Coleman Shelton

Husky senior center Coleman Shelton discusses his new position coach and how the first day of spring practice went...

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Is last season forgotten about or do you remember the importance of it? “It’s in the rearview. New team, new year. We just have to focus on getting better each day.”

Is this the deepest and most experienced offensive line you’ve been a part of? “We feel like we’re still gelling right now, but it’s going great. We’ve played a bunch of games together so far. It’s our unity and our brotherhood that’s been getting along real well.”

Does that start in the weight room? “Definitely. That’s when it starts. You have to start in the weight room and get better each day and bond as a unit.”

How did the first day go? “It went well. It’s a learning experience. We have to get back out there Wednesday and keep getting better.”

Do you feel more comfortable at center? “There are always new things I’m learning. It’s a complicated position, but I definitely feel a lot more comfortable when it comes to snaps and knowing the ball is going to get back to the quarterback accurately.”

What are some of the new things? “When it comes to plays or calls or whatever it is with a new offensive line coach we have to get dialed in, everybody as a unit. So there’s always going to be something popping up. But it’s going well.”

Will the transition be seamless from coach Strausser to coach Huff? “It’s going to be a great turn around. Everybody loves him. He’s energetic and fun. It’s going to be good.”

Any differences between Strausser and Huff? “Right, first practice, but he’s got a lot of energy and it’s real fun to be out there. It’s just kind of one day, so we’ll see how it goes.”

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