Post Practice Video - Chris Petersen

Husky head coach Chris Petersen discusses the first day of spring football and comments on the two newest additions to the Washington coaching staff...

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How does it feel to be back out on the football field? “It’s always good. Spring ball is awesome. We’ve been away from it for a while and it’s always good to get back out here.”

On motivation to build off of last year “We don’t think like that. This is back to square one. Our record has no relevance to what we did last year. It doesn’t matter if we won all our games, didn’t win enough games, we go back to square one with everything we do. We didn’t run many plays out there today because we’re back to the basics. That’s how we always think with everything we do.”

Will Jake Browning be used lightly for all of spring? “Long spring. We’re not trying to win spring ball. We’re trying to get guys ready to improve each day. We’ve had this plan since right after the season, how we wanted to use him. It’s going to be a gradual build up. He’ll do more than he did today, but the trainers, coach Smith, all have a very specific plan.”

How did the other quarterbacks look? “I’ve got to watch the take. I’m watching about 17 other things besides those guys. I know you guys are fixated on them, so I don’t know what do you think?”

What do you think about the young defensive backs? “There’s always going to be a group on your team, if only one, that really needs to step - you’ve had an experienced group for the last couple years, so the cycle of graduation gets you, but that’s also an exciting time. It’s exciting for them, it’s exciting for us, it’s exciting for coach Lake to see what he can do with these guys. The thing that we like it we have some talented guys there. They’ve played, like you said. Some of them have even started some games, but it’s time. It’s time for them to shine and it’s a great time. That’s what we like about spring ball. We don’t have to get it right today, but we have to make progress each day.”

On Scott Huff “I think he brings real good familiarity with how we do things anyways. Coach Huff, well he’s one of the best lineman that I’ve ever been around when I got to coach him as the offensive coordinator, so he knows how to play it. I’ve also been around him for a long time as a coach, so he knows how to coach it. That’s what he brings. And then he brings - every coach has their unique style. That’s what we tell our guys when one of our coaches moves on, it really can be a good thing because this coach will bring some new tools for you. Coach Strausser taught them some wonderful things. That line got better last year. Coach Huff will bring his new spin on it and we’ll progress off that.”

On Matt Lubick “Again, I thought the receivers made a few catches and all that. I don’t know. We’re evaluating everything when I go back inside. I know this, I know Matt Lubick is one heck of a coach. He knows football inside and out. He’s coached wide receivers for a long time. His group has always played really well, so everyone’s got their unique style and it’s different. That’s what I like about when you do change coaches. It’s something new. Change is new. Change is growth.”

What was the process of hiring Lubick and what will his role be as co-offensive coordinator? “I mean everybody is in this together. It’s not about - I’m probably piece number 11 on this whole thing. Jonathan Smith needs guys that can really help him put this thing together. So he’ll be his right hand guy when it comes to putting the game together and certainly the pass game. They’ve already been doing a great job of bringing some things that they’ve done in the past compared to what we’ve done. Really the trick is how do we pare things down and make it fit for us because there are a lot of good plays out there. These guys are smart coaches, been around, and we don’t want to overwhelm our guys but we’re always looking to add and tweak things.”

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