Post Practice Video - Dante Pettis

Washington senior wideout Dante Pettis discusses the first day of spring ball...

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On the transition to coach Lubick “It’s a little bit different in their coaching philosophies and everything, a little bit different personalities. It was the same thing with coach Pease to coach Hamdan. The older guys are kind of used to it now. It’s really just the young guys that don’t really have a hard time transitioning, but it’s just a little different for them.”

On motivation from last year “You just really want to get back. You have that feeling of whether it’s winning the PAC-12 Championship and getting a good feeling or losing in the semifinals and that terrible feeling. You want to get back to that.”

How is your receiver group different this year? “I think that’s it. Last year I feel like we didn’t have that much experience. I think really the only people that really played were me, Chico (McClatcher), and (John) Ross. So it’s good that so many people got in. We have that going into this next season.”

Did this winter feel similar to last winter? “Every year is going to be different. That was the first time we had felt like that, so you could really tell something different was going on. It’s hard to say it was the exact same offseason. I feel like we put in really good work and I guess we’ll see how spring ball goes.”

Was it weird not to catch any passes from Jake Browning today? “It’s a little weird at first. At the same time, you just catch the ball it doesn’t really matter who’s throwing it to you. It it kind of weird not to see him out there but it’s fine.”

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