Post Practice Video - Nick Harris

Husky sophomore offensive lineman Nick Harris talks spring ball...

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What allowed you to jump up the depth chart last year? “I just came out with a chip on my shoulder. Like high school, wasn’t really recruited that much, so I got out here and played fast, tried to play physical. Just took all the information all the older guys gave me. Jake (Eldrenkamp), Coleman (Shelton), Trey (Adams), they all helped me get up there. Just glad I progressed and got better.”

How hard was it playing at a lighter weight than many guys you squared off against? “It was tough at first. You start to learn some tricks of the trade, try to get after them a bit. Leverage, speed just to make up for that weight. Hopefully this year, playing at a heavier weight will be a little easier.”

How heavy are you right now? “289.”

What was the objective in getting to that weight? “It was mostly just putting on good weight. Weight that I won’t get tossed around at. Just trying to add another tool to my game besides speed and athleticism. Just trying to get some power behind it so it could be that much harder for people to try to get around me.”

How did you come out of last season physically? “Good. I didn’t really have many problems. I didn’t really have any problems. It was mentally straining. Other than that though, I was good physically.”

On the differences between coach Strausser and coach Huff “They’re both good coaches. They both try to get after us a little bit. Coach Huff, he’s a good coach. It takes to for us to adjust to it, but overall I’m just ready to get going.”

Could you tell that both coaches come from similar backgrounds? “Definitely. It’s basically the same thing, just different verbiage here and there. Both same technique and everything. It’s basically the same thing. Different personalities, different drives, but both great coaches. Glad I could be under both.”

What do you think is the main objective of spring? “Just to get better, drive each other, get better with the defensive line because we have a great defensive line. It’s letting them just get us better for the fall and definitely for the season. Basically just push each other better in our group and getting pushed by the defensive line. I think we’ll just build off that for now.”

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