Post Practice Video - K.J. Carta-Samuels

Washington junior quarterback K.J. Carta-Samuels talks about the first day of spring practice...

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How hard is it to wait for practice after a successful season last year? “It’s a grind for sure. We’re in the weight room every day just lifting, so it’s good to be back out on the field and actually do some football stuff, because you’re sitting in the weight room kind of just ‘what am I doing in here? I’m just lifting and getting big’ but this is the actual stuff that matters, playing on the field.”

Are you going to get more reps this spring than in the past? “Yes, sir. For sure. I believe so. I believe I will be getting more reps just because of the absence of Jake (Browning). I’m looking forward to the opportunity and hoping to get better.”

What do you have to prove this spring? “Again, really just get better and improve every day. I just want to become the best quarterback I can be to help out this team in the way that I can. Specifically, probably drops and more just enthusiasm honestly. It’s a weird characteristic to think about that as something you can improve on, but yeah my mental state and alluding that to the other guys and getting us to all rally and play well.”

How much impact does wind have? “It has a little bit of an impact. The ball is moving around a little bit, but it’s definitely something you have to adjust to and we play six home games here a season, so we really - it’s not something that we’re not going to face during the season, so it definitely translates to the real game. For that reason it’s definitely impactful to use that and have that advantage that we do, to have this crazy weather because when it’s nice it feels like it’s just spinning.”

Are tight ends going to be more targeted this year? “I think that’s a function of the way things went to day. I think we’re trying to get the ball to every single guy on the field. It’s really just defense allowing, where the defense allows us to throw the ball. So maybe today they just allowed us to throw to the tight end a little bit. They’re spying up some other receivers and such. I think it might be a little bit of both.”

What’s it like not having John Ross out there? “It’s actually exciting. We’re going to see who’s going to be able to replace him. It’s tough to replace him, but see who’s going to step up and become that next guy to take on the rock and be able to run.”

Is coach Lubick working with you at all? “I haven’t communicated and gotten with coach Lubick much to - he hasn’t personally taught me or coached me at all since he’s been here. We’ll see. I’ve heard he’s a great coach so I’m excited to see if he steps in and helps us a little bit too.”

How did it feel to get back out there? “It’s awesome. I was telling him that just when you’re in the weight room for so long you kind of just lose your mind a little bit. You’re like ‘what am I even doing? Am I just getting big out here or what?’ It’s awesome to be back out on the field and do the stuff that really matters and what we actually like to do. It’s awesome to be outside.”

How big of a motivator is last season’s success? “It’s a huge motivator. It lets you know that we can play with anyone. I think just from that standpoint, the confidence level that that kind of provides is awesome, but every year is a new year. We have to regroup and realize that we haven’t done anything this year yet. We have to see what we can do and see if we can get back there again.”

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