Post Practice Video - Jomon Dotson

Husky DB Jomon Dotson talks about his move from offense to defense and his comfort level in the secondary...

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**Note: The audio cuts out for close to 30 seconds of the video...

Did you play defense in high school? “Actually I did play corner in high school. I played my sophomore year and a little bit in my junior year. Then my senior year I just played offense. I had my first offer from Northwestern and that was for defense. I had a lot of offers for defense, playing cornerback. I felt as though I like playing running back and I chose playing running back. I could play both on the field. It really doesn’t matter.My abilities. I’m capable of running the ball. I’m capable of playing defense, covering somebody, my speed keeping up with anybody. You also have to have vision on defense as you do on offense. I feel as though I can bring my offensive skills to the defensive side.”

Was it a rusty transition back to defense? “No, I didn’t feel rusty. Sometimes you have to key in on technique. It’s different from offense, running forward and running straight to backpedalling. It just takes time and it’s a process and I’m going to get it soon. I just use my ability.”

Is there a difference in mentality not the defensive side? “My mentality is go out there and play hard every single play. Whether it’s on offense or defense, I just try to play hard no matter what. That’s what I try to do.”

Is the Peach Bowl motivation or is this year a new year? “This is a totally different new year. We’re trying to go out there, we already set a standard for ourselves, and we’re trying to go back and get it again and see if we can pursue even a higher standard this year coming up.”

What’s a personal goal for you this spring? “Try to go out there and ball. Get in as much as possible, help my team out and that’s pretty much it.”

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