Post Practice Video - Vita Vea

Washington DT Vita Vea talks about the process on deciding to come back and the first two practices of spring football...

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What did you learn from the Alabama game? “We just have to come back stronger. Hit spring ball harder. Just work on a lot. Alabama is a good team. Obviously they beat us.”

Did anybody take you under their wing when you got here? “It was Danny (Shelton) and Hau’oli (Kikaha). They took care of me and then as we got older we just started to learn off each other. Tani (Tupou). Jarrett Finau and Tani Tupou. They were good leaders to pave the way for us.”

Did those older guys set a standard for the defensive line? “Danny and them when I first came in, they obviously set the - Danny, Andrew Hudson, Hau’oli - they all set the bar pretty high for us. Just coming up to play with Tani and Jarrett, they really helped us out, setting the standard high and being good defensive lineman.”

On having a good motor “Yeah I try. I try. Coach Petersen does a good job of peaching to us to run hard. Just run as hard as you can, try to get better.”

What are you majoring in? “Anthropology.”

What about anthropology that interests you? “The study of people’s culture and learning more about my culture and ancestry and stuff like that. Just know my roots and learn more about my culture.”

Anything you’ve learned that surprised you? “I learned a lot about my culture. There’s a lot of stuff that I brought to the major, my knowledge of my culture and sharing with other people. So yeah.”

What went into the decision to stay? “I never really had a decision of leaving.”

It never crossed your mind to leave? “Yeah.”

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