Post Practice Video - Taylor Rapp

Husky sophomore safety Taylor Rapp discusses the first couple of days of spring football...

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How were you able to take your momentum from last year and run with it in winter? “At the end of last year I was doing incredibly well and it definitely feels good coming into spring ball off a good season. Take it and run with it. Awesome momentum.”

Was there anything in particular you wanted to work on? “Mostly everything. For me personally, I think I need to refine my coverage skills. Mostly everything. Just build off of everything from last year.”

How do you feel like you can pick up the role of leadership? “Jojo (McIntosh) and I guess are the only returning starters. We have to step up into leadership roles. We aren’t really used to leadership roles. Last year it was Sidney (Jones), Budda (Baker), and Kevin (King) that kind of had the leadership roles in the secondary. I guess me and Jojo have to step up a little bit. Coach Lake, he’s an incredible coach. He’s going to get us right. I have no doubt that the corners will do amazing this year.”

What has coach Lake put on your plate this spring? “Well, I’m playing a little nickel this year, what Budda played. I like it. It helps my coverage skills. Basically one on one with the slot receiver every down. That’s going to incredibly help my coverage skills.”

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