Post Practice Video - Azeem Victor

Washington senior linebacker Azeem Victor talks about the first two practices of spring football...

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How heavy are you? “Right now I’m 225, getting to 235 though.”

How low did you get weight wise? “I got super light. I was almost down to 200, 190. I had to - I was in a dark spot and I had to get out of that. Once I was able to eat and off the medicine I was able to get my weight back.”

You looked like a distance runner for a bit didn’t you? “Everybody had their jokes and you have to take it. It’s part of going through that injury, but now I’m getting back to it. Gaining weight daily.”

Walk me through the decision to stay for your senior year? “I never really made a decision. I never made a decision before I even broke my leg. I never try to think about those things until I get to that point. I did and when it happened I still didn’t think about it, I just thought about preparing to get my leg back and how I was going to rehab and get better and faster and stronger.”

How tough was it on the sideline at the Peach Bowl? “It was tough. To see my guys out there, you want to play play with them. Obviously we didn’t get the outcome we wanted. I was their biggest cheerleader.”

Were you drooling out there? “Oh man, I was drooling. I was licking my lips. I wanted to get out there. I wanted to get out there.”

Is this camp more about rehab and gaining weight? “It’s about being a student of the game. Being faster, being stronger, being wiser as well.”

Anything in particular you are working on? “Working on my pass rush. Maybe coming off the edge a bit. That’s it.”

Are we going to see you getting after the quarterback a bit? “Maybe, we’ll see. It’s all up to the defensive coordinator (Pete Kwiatkowski).”

Do you feel good and natural out there? “I feel natural. That’s why I’m on the field, because I’m able to feel natural at this point. Still not fully all the way there, but that takes time and as long as I feel good I know where I need to slap at and those points. I’m doing pretty good.”

Are you ahead of where you thought you would be? “Yeah, I mean I was practicing and rehabbing to get to spring. When I got here I felt pretty good and I said I was ready to go.”

What did Ralph Kinne do to you? “He didn’t do anything, just made a play. I should have actually went for the ball and picked it off, but I decided to do that. Next time I’ll be a ball hawk.”

What was the offseason like? “A little bit longer offseason but I used it to my best advantage. After I was able to get up and move around and get treatment I was able to and I did. I just did that up until this point.”

On his chemistry with Keishawn Bierria “It’s just growing every year. The more and more years we spend together the mind gets stronger. I’m here with this guy. It’s our last year. Our senior year so it will be a fun ride.”

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