DL Cameron Neel plays strong

Big <b>Cameron Neel</b> was exhausted. The 6'7", 260-pound lineman for Woodinville had little energy to spend on post-game festivities, as he left all of it on the field in the Falcons' 36-14 win over the Garfield Bulldogs last night. But there was another reason as well for Cameron's lethargy, something seemingly out of his control.

"The last two weeks I've had some knee injuries and I also have bronchitis right now, so the coaches been keeping my play pretty limited right now," Neel told Dawgman.com after the game last night. "I've got new knee braces now, so they are fine. Now it's just prevention. Hopefully when the bronchitis goes away, I'll play some defense too." Neel didn't let his bronchitis stand in the way of a standout performance, as he helped the Falcons roll over the Bulldogs to the tune of 312 yards on the ground.

To Cameron's way of thinking, the Woodinville offensive line didn't do anything extraordinary in manhandling an undersized Garfield DL. "We did a really good job tonight and we kept after it," he said. "I get my line rallied up. That's the key to our play."

For a player that has less than two years of organized play under his belt, Neel plays and acts like a seasoned veteran. His style is very reminiscent of a current Washington Husky lineman, former Richland Bomber Ryan Brooks. "I've made big strides since my sophomore year," Cameron said. "I've put in the work in the weight room and am a lot stronger now. I worked really hard during two-a-days and I feel I have the technique down now."

Recruiting attention has been slow to come to Woodinville, but it's getting there. "There's quite a few schools, like the University of Washington, around the Northwest region," Neel said when mentioning colleges that have contacted him. "And there's Penn State, Air Force. And the Oregon schools too. They've been sending quite a few letters." Right now there are no offers on the table, but that will most certainly change if he continues to play strong like he did last night.

Cameron had an opportunity to talk to the head man for the Huskies. "I talked to Rick Neuheisel," he said. "That's pretty much it. He said that they were looking at me and that they are looking forward to seeing me play."

While Neel is looking forward to staying in the Northwest, his heart is leaning south just a little bit. "I'm looking at Oregon a lot, because I like it down there. I want to get away from the Seattle area, to tell you the truth. But whatever works..." By Oregon, he means both the Ducks and Beavers, who have been sending the big lineman plenty of literature. As a sign of his interest, he plans on going down to visit Oregon and Oregon State in the next couple of weeks.

When it comes to official visits, Cameron is wide open, as long as they are in the region. "Yeah, just every school I can around the area. I want to go to a school that's away from home, but not too far away."

If a Northwest school offered a scholarship, would Neel jump aboard quickly or take his time? "I don't think I would do that," he said, when thinking about a quick verbal. "I would wait and see what other offers come around. I think a lot will depend on what happens in the next few weeks."

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