VIDEO: Jonathan Smith on Day Three

Dawgman.com spoke Friday with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith about working with new co-Offensive Coordinator Matt Lubick, what's in store for Jake Browning this spring, and more.


Where are you this spring compared to last year? “There are some similarities. Obviously we’re missing a couple guys from last year. We’re in the same spot in regards to spring. Just trying to improve, fundamentals, get back to basics, guys have been working hard and that’s similar to last spring.”

Any position changes on offense? “Not really. Nothing stands out to me. Receivers playing inside and outside. Outside of that, no real moves on offense.”

On Sean McGrew and Kamari Pleasant “Kamari (Pleasant) and Sean (McGrew), this will be big spring for the, They redshirted last year. We feel really good about both those guys. They have some versatility. They compliment each other. They’ll get a ton of terms this spring to continue to show what they can do.”

How different is Nick Harris this year? “He did some good things. Any time you’re coming back for your second year, nothing is really new to you anymore. He’s done a great job this offseason. He had a couple good reps today. We actually got shoulder pads on. We’re excited about where he’s at.”

How important is the work for the backup QBs? “It’s been very important, just like any spring for anybody on the team. it’s been great for those guys to get some more turns. K.J. (Carta-Samuels) has done some good things and that trickles on down to Tony (Rodriguez) to Daniel (Bridge-Gadd) to Blake (Gregory). All those guys getting more turns. It’s positive.”

Is it back to basics? “It’s pretty basic, after three days here, some of the base stuff that we’ll do throughout the year. Then we’ll begin to tweak maybe later on in the spring.”

How have the assistants been? “They’ve been awesome. Matt (Lubick), I go all the way back to when I was a player with Matt and we’ve stayed in touch. He’s brought in some really good ideas. Phenomenal with regards to scheme. It’s such a great fit because he knows the conference so well from being in it. He’s a fabulous recruiter so he’s been an awesome addition. Scott Huff, we worked with him over at Boise State. His o-lines, you watch those guys play the last couple of years have been very good. He comes over. He’s more familiar with what we’ve done before, so that’s been a smooth transition.”

How did you evaluate last year? “Overall we liked our balance with regards of being able to run it and throw it. We were pleased with that. Each year is new. Last year’s personnel is a little different than this year. This year is going to be new and finding new ways to get some things accomplished. We liked how we were overall pretty balanced.”

On Sean McGrew today “I thought he did some good things. There wasn’t something specific like ‘hey, we want to see Sean more today,’ but I thought he stood out. Those guys are going to get a lot of turns, those guys Kamari and Sean, and they’re showing up a bit.”

On Ty Jones “Things are moving fast on Ty (Jones), but he’s done some good things now. He’s made a couple of plays. He probably would tell you the same, he’s not totally certain of what’s going on all the time out there, which is expected, but you can see his talent flash here and there.”

On Brayden Lenius “It’s been nice, a guy that’s been around a little bit. A bigger catching radius and larger target. He can play a little inside and outside. That helps us. He continues to improve and he can be a piece of this puzzle.”

How has your role changed with Matt Lubick as co-offensive coordinator? “Not really. Coach Hamdan, coach Strausser, those guys were both very involved, just like how coach Huff and Matt will be very involved. Matt will bring a ton of ideas in the pass game, but they ran the ball pretty well over there at Oregon. We’re a little bit different scheme. Everyone’s contributions count and it’s a group effort putting plans together.”

On Jake Browning “I think we’re going to take it smart, get his arm right. He’s very involved, he’s taking mental reps out there. The reps he can take, he takes. The first and foremost thing is get that thing exactly where we want it.”

On Daniel Bridge-Gadd possibly playing a bit this year “He has to continue to earn it, but he is an athlete. When he gets out in space he can create. He’s great at extending plays and making plays in space. If he continues to earn it there might be a place for him.”

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