VIDEO: Scott Huff makes his debut

The media got their first chance to talk to new UW Offensive Line Coach Scott Huff Friday, and he flashed his trademark energy and enthusiasm throughout. He talked about the differences between him and former OL Coach Chris Strausser, as well as his relationship with Chris Petersen.


What do you bring to the table for the staff? “I hope I bring a little energy and a little bit of knowledge. Obviously very excited about being here. I feel very comfortable here. I worked with coach Pete and most of these guys for eight years at Boise State. It’s been a pretty easy transition for me.”

What do you like about the offensive line? “The tackles for sure. Coleman (Shelton) has obviously been a good player inside. You have some good young players that we have to develop. I’m kind of getting to know them. It’s only practice three, but we’re having a good time.”

On the hiring process “I worked with (Coach Petersen) for eight years at Boise State, so I was very familiar with them. The whole thing happened really fast. Coach Strausser decided to move on and coach Smith got a hold of me. It was pretty quick.”

On taking over for coach Strausser at Boise State “He coached me at Boise State too. He coached me my last two years on the offensive line, so him and I have been - we have a very good relationship and we’ve been very good friends and he’s been a mentor to me. Hopefully I brought something to the table for him as well. It’s very familiar here. It’s changed players and changed stadium, facilities, and city and all that. The rest of it is all very familiar.”

What do you look for in a good offensive lineman? “They have to have the right mentality. They have to be definitely a physical player. They have to be smart, good people. Obviously coach Petersen has the OKG thing. We obviously believe in that on the offensive line. They have to be athletic. At the end of the day we can’t have a bunch of stiff guys running around that can’t move their feet. Mentality first and foremost. We want to be trench dogs.”

On practice today “I thought today was pretty good. First time ever being in shells with them. Any place in the country you go to there are guys that have played before that are farther along mentally, they feel more confident in who they are. You have your young guys that are still trying to figure it out. You have all those same things here. I like these guys. They’re into it. They want to be good. Those are probably the two most important things right there.”

How are you different from coach Strassser? “I’m very comfortable in who I am and I know coach Strausser is very comfortable in who he is. I might bring a little bit different edge, insight to certain things. We’re probably, at the end of the day, very similar. He was my coach. We worked together for eight years.”

What do you want to see in terms of progress this spring? “We have some new things that we’re doing. Not a ton scheme wise, maybe some different calls here and there that these guys know, just to try to mix some things up a bit. I definitely want to see us take the next step mentality. We have to build some depth and play together most importantly. We have to get five guys on the same page, which is tough a lot of times in spring football because you’re moving a lot of guys around. At the end of the day we have to be able to get five guys on the same page with the right mentality.”

How good are your tackles? “So far from what I’ve seen I’m impressed with them. They have some stuff that they can get done, we can get better at, I don’t know if you saw but we stayed after and working on stuff, Kaleb (McGary) and Trey (Adams). We have Devin Burleson and Jared Hilbers and a handful of other guys that we have to get better as well. Do I like them? Absolutely; I like all the guys.”

How big is it to come in with a veteran center? “That’s huge. That’s probably the position I know I lean on the most because I was a former center myself. I just know how important they are in being the field general out there. To have Coleman Shelton is exciting. Again, there are things we all need to improve on.”

Anything you try to instill right off the bat? “For me, it’s a mentality. It’s always about a mentality. We talk about being uppers versus being downers. We want guys that bring a little energy. We certainly aren’t trying to be cheerleaders by any means, but we want to have that edge and we want people to know we’re excited to be here and excited to be out there working. It’s all about a mentality and playing physical.”

Any coach Petersen stories? “Most of them are more as a player. He was awesome when he was the coordinator. I was the center and every once and a while during the games coach Strausser would have me get on the headset with coach Petersen and I would tell him to run the ball or whatever. He’s been awesome to me and my family. I couldn’t be more excited to work for him again, as well as a lot of the other coaches that are on his staff.”

Is he different here than at Boise State? “No. That’s what’s so funny. I show up and it was same old - it was, like I said, different players, different facility, same old, same old. In terms of transition it couldn’t be any smoother with me and the staff and coach Petersen.”

What stands out about coach Petersen? “He’s just a great person. What you see is what you get. There’s nothing fake about him. He’s very genuine. He’s going to hold you accountable. He’s awesome. I’m huge fan.”

Any young guys to keep an eye on? “Yeah, all of them. Seriously, all of them. I mean that in a good way. I hope that you guys can watch them right now and when we hit practice 15 and that spring game you’re going ‘wow, that guy is walking around maybe a little more confident, maybe playing a little bit faster, maybe he’s playing a little bit lower with pad level or something.’ I hope that for all the guys. I would watch all the young guys because this is there time where they can really, really make some huge strides.”

On Luke Wattenberg “He’s been doing good. We’re really excited about Luke (Wattenberg). You’ve got Nick (Harris), those guys both being high school teammates, both those guys are good players. We’re real excited about them.”

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