VIDEO: Matt Lubick details his coaching role

Dawgman.com had a chance for the first time to talk to new Receivers Coach/co-Offensive Coordinator Matt Lubick, and he talked about the move to UW, his first impressions of the receiving corps, and how he plans to work alongside Huskies Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith.


Was it a no brainer to come to Washington? “I think anytime you make a decision you have deliberations, but I was very excited. This is a place that I’ve always had a lot of respect and admiration for. The place itself and more importantly the people. The people here are through the roof. Being here two and a half weeks has made me that much more excited about being here. I left a good place. Any time you leave a good place, you do have to go through deliberation. There’s not an easy decision sometimes in this business, but at the end of the day you do what you think is right and what’s in your gut.”

What’s your relationship with coach Petersen? “It’s mostly been one of a lot of respect. We know a lot of common acquaintances and competing against him, so just a lot of admiration seeing how his teams compete, seeing how prepared they are, and hearing so many good things in this industry from any one that’s ever came in contact with him has great things to say. I never really had a chance to work with him until now.”

On his success as a recruiter “I enjoy it. I think that’s a big deal. You have to enjoy recruiting. I love meeting other people. I don’t think there are a ton of secrets to it. I think the harder you work with anything, the better you do. I’ve been fortunate because I’ve been at a lot of good places that are easy to sell. That’s a big deal. When you’re at a place like this for example, Washington, it’s pretty easy to recruit to.”

What are the strong selling points for Washington? “Great history, great tradition, great alumni base, unbelievable academics, the city of Seattle, and a program that’s winning football games. Kids want to be a part of that.”

Any players you were after on the recruiting trail that are at UW? “A lot of these guys. At the time I was disappointed we lost some of those guys, but I’m glad they’re Huskies. That’s one of the things, being here after a couple weeks and seeing the culture and seeing how these guys have developed, it’s pretty impressive.”

What do you think of the receiving corps? “I’m excited about them. I think their attitude is great. I think the guys that have coached them before me have done a great job of installing work habits and creating a great culture of guys that want to work hard and get better. They’ve been awesome.”

Are you having any ‘what if’ moments about John Ross? “I wish he had one more year, but I’m happy for him. I know he’s going to do a great job at the next level. He did a lot of good things here that our guys can learn from. He left the mark here and is going to keep on going.”

Who are some of the leaders of the group? “The two guys that you mentioned (Dante Pettis and Chico McClatcher) because leadership is a lot of experience and what you’ve done. Those guys have all made plays. We have a lot of young guys that are getting the opportunity this spring to step up and make plays. Leadership is something you earn. We’re doing it. They haven’t done it yet, but they’re working on it. That’s going to be a work in progress and just getting younger guys more and more reps.”

What’s your experience with true freshman coming in for spring ball? “First of all it’s hard, especially when you come in early. It’s a big challenge. There are so many things you’re thinking about that you end up thinking and not playing. Our goal with Ty (Jones) is to make it simple enough where he can actually play to his skill sets, because he’s very talented. The thing that’s going to make Ty a good player is his attitude. He’s so hungry to learn. He can’t get enough. I’m really excited. He’s only been here three practices but he’s already doing a lot of good things.”

What can you bring to the co-offensive coordinator position? “First off, I’m excited about learning this offense. My biggest thing is to coach the receivers and help wherever I can. The fact that I’ve been in this conference and seen some different things. I’m excited just to help.”

Is there something that’s a hallmark of a Lubick offense? “No. I don’t think so. When I took this job my whole thing was ‘I want to come and learn this offense.’ If I can help and add something to it, I would love to do that too. My biggest priority is to learn and understand this so I can coach it. To really do that you really have to dive into it and understand that before you start bringing a lot of things to the table. The thing I like about this staff and every single coach that’s here is there is no egos. Everyone is just trying to get better. Whatever my role is to help us do that, I’m going to do that.”

What made Washington’s offense good last season? “I thought they executed really well. I thought the quarterback played at a very high level. I thought they did a great job of controlling the tempo, specifically against us (Oregon), keeping us off balance by running it and throwing it. I think doing a great job of doing a lot of different things out of a lot of different formations. The more I’m here, the kids understand it because of the way we practice it. What might look different to a defense isn’t a lot different for how we’re putting it in. I think just the multiplicity, the effectiveness of it, and the way the guys have run it, it was pretty impressive.”

How can the receivers repeat last seasons success? “I’m excited about our young guys. We have some proven playmakers coming back with Chico and Dante. We have a lot of guys that are good players that are just waiting for their opportunity. There’s no big secret other than hard work. Actions speak louder than words. Talking about it isn’t going to do a lot. We have to do it. They’re going to get opportunities. This spring we’ve already had some guys step up. It will be interesting. We have a long ways to go.”

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