VIDEO: Jimmy Lake has lots to talk about

It's good to be Jimmy Lake right now. Not only is the UW Secondary Coach one of the hot assistant names out there in the country, but three former Dawgs taught by him are set to get picked in the 2017 NFL Draft. On Friday Lake talked about them, as well as the new crew of players he's developing for this fall.


On the experience of the group “We’re very veteran at safety. I’m calling Taylor Rapp a veteran, but he is a veteran; he played 14 games. We have Taylor Rapp returning, we have Jojo McIntosh returning. Zeke Turner returning, Trevor Walker. That’s a very, very veteran group at safety. Where we’re going to be green is at corners, but we have guys that have played. Jordan Miller is going to be a junior, he has two career interceptions, played a bunch of snaps on special teams, a lot of mop up duties at the end of games. Even sometimes he had to go in there in the middle of a game. You have Austin Joyner, who has played. The green guys will obviously be Byron Murphy, Kentrell Love, Isaiah Gilchrist, and all the rookies that are coming in the fall. We’re nowhere near as young as we were back in 2014.”

What led to Isaiah Gilchrist moving to safety? “He’s actually doing both right now. He’s doing both. Just like Myles Bryant plays a little nickel, plays corner. Isaiah (Gilchrist) is playing a little safety, nickel, and he’s still playing corner. He got some corner reps at one on one today. We’re just kind of moving him around. He’s very, very athletic, and we’re just kind of seeing what spot best suits him.”

On Taylor Rapp at nickel “He did it last year. If you go back to the Arizona game, Budda (Baker) played the weak side safety and Taylor Rapp really burst onto the scene playing in our defense the nickel position. Then we eventually moved him back to free and Budda was the nickel like everybody knows. The more we can train these guys to learn different positions, when things happen during the season, which they’re going to happen, someone is going to get injured, and now all of a sudden we’re going to have guys that know multiple positions and our defense won’t fall off.”

On Myles Bryant “He’s stepped up since he’s been here. He led us in interceptions in training camp in 2016. He played some quality snaps for us this last fall. Already this fall, he had an unbelievable practice on Wednesday in the indoor and today had another big time practice for us. He’s a smart player, he’s got a chip on his shoulder, he’s tough, quick, extremely smart. There area. Couple routes our offense put in and he was passing them off and covering them like Budda would last year already as still a freshman, about to be a sophomore. It’s awesome to see.”

On Ezekiel Turner listed at 207 pounds “That’s a little light. I think that’s a little light. Jojo McIntosh is about 216 right now. I thin Zeke, he’s over the 210 mark. He woke up practice today with that big smack he had on Myles Gaskin. The bash brothers, they’re going to let you know that you better be careful once the pads come on. They kind of woke everybody up today.”

On UW defensive backs at the combine “I think everybody saw it. I think we were all impressed with all three guys. Obviously, Sidney (Jones) I jumped out of my couch when I saw him in the 4.4’s. He really needed to show that to the scouts. I thought that was extremely impressive. Budda, I had a lot of text messages from GM’s and scouts, they couldn’t believe how electric he was movement side to side, how smart he was. Kevin King, the 40 that he ran was really what thrust him into that first-round talk. They didn’t recognize how fast he was. We knew how fast he was. We knew how athletic he was. As soon as he put that 4.4 up on the board, now all the scouts were like ‘wow, hold on a second. This guy is 6’3” 200 pounds, he’s played every position on the back end. He’s smart and he’s fast. All of a sudden, the under rated Kevin King is no longer the underrated Kevin King.”

On Sidney Jones “He’s doing great. He’s doing great mentally. He has to stay off his feet for six weeks since the surgery, which was a couple weeks ago. I talked to him right after he got out of surgery. He’s so tough. Mentally tough, physically tough, he’s in great spirits, and he cannot wait to get back out there and start running around. What everybody’s got to remember, Sidney Jones is 20 years old. 20 years old, never been injured, he just had his first injury, he’s going to bounce back tougher, stronger. That’s what all these NFL teams have to remember. He’s going to be 21 after the draft is completed. This guy has a lot of football ahead of him. Whichever team selects him is going to be very fortunate.”

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