Post Practice Video - Jordan Miller

Washington junior corner Jordan Miller discusses spring football following Monday's practice...

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How does your experience last year help you step into a bigger role? “It just gives us that good mindset to not have a drop off. We had great guys leave last year, but I want to come in and make a name for myself and other guys want to make a name for theirselves, so death row is still death row.”

Where do you need to improve? “Consistency and keeping my feet right and staying on the details.”

How hard has it been to wait your turn? “It’s been hard but it’s been good to see the guys in front of me making plays all the time and I know the standard at this school and our room, the DB room. I know the standard. These two years have been hard but it’s been fun. I still have my time to play and now it’s time to turn it up and be the guy.”

On watching the UW defensive backs do well at the combine “I already knew. That wasn’t a surprise for me. That was just showing the rest of the world how good they were. We as DBs already knew how good they were and we have a high standard for ourselves.”

Where did you watch John Ross run the 40-yard dash? “I was at my house. My mom called me actually because it was early in the morning, so my mom called me and said ‘(John) Ross just ran a 4.22.’ I ran straight to the DVR, rewinded, and watched it. I was like ‘he really ran a 4.22.’ That’s crazy.”

On going up against John Ross everyday in practice “I remember the first time, him coming back, it was PRPs in Dempsey and he ran a fade on me and I got a good shuffle in and I was kind of hip to hip with him and he looked at me and said ‘Jordan (Miller) can run a little bit.’ I didn’t know how fast I was. We hadn’t done the combine yet or any of that. I didn’t know how fast I was number wise. I knew Ross was running a 4.2 so I was like ‘let’s see what I’m going to run.’”

On swagger “Like I said, no drop off. I’m talking talent wise and I’m talking the swagger. We all play with an attitude. That’s our room and that’s how we love it.”

Did the Peach Bowl make you more hungry? “Oh man, I’ve been telling people being out there and watching Sidney (Jones) and Kevin (King) go against Alabama receivers - I played some special teams - but being out there and watching them, it made me hungry. I want to be where they’re at next year in the same position. I want to play where they’re at. It made me hungry and it set a new standard. This is a whole new team, but we all have that hunger and we’ve all been there and we’re all ready for that.”

How invested are guys like Sidney Jones and Kevin King in seeing how the next group of UW defensive backs pan out? “Budda (Jones) just texted me the other day and asked me what technique I’m playing and how I’m doing. I was at dinner with my girlfriend and I got a text from Budda and was like ‘sorry, I’ve got to get this. Got to text him back and tell him what’s going on.’ They really care. They want to see us do well. Those are my big bros. I look up to them. I watch Sidney’s tape everyday.”

Is there pressure to perform as well as the DBs before you? “I wouldn’t say it’s pressure at all. I would say - for me, I’m a competitive guy. I know the guys that are in front of me were good, but I’m trying to be better. Watching them I say ‘okay, I can do this a little better, or I can do this a little faster.’ That’s how I watch them, try to improve on tehir game.”

Which receivers are jumping out to you this year? “Chico McClatcher’s hopping outside, so I hadn’t really had a chance to go against Chico. It’s a little new going against a short, little quick guy like that. Andre (Baccellia) is looking really good. Dante (Pettis) of course. Me and Dante have always been going against each other. Guys like Aaron Fuller going outside. It’s cool to go agianst new guys I haven’t gone against.”

On Brayden Lenius and Ty Jones “I haven’t gotten the chance to go against Brayden (Lenius) this year, but going against him last year, he was a tough guy to go against because you’re not used going against guys that size. Ty Jones, man once he gets his hands right and able to get hands off of him he’s going to be a monster.”

On the safeties “Jojo (McIntosh) and Zeke (Ezekiel Turner) all bringing the boom and you have Taylor Rapp, who’s probably one of the smartest players I’ve been playing with. All three of those guys are going to bring the boom and all of them are going to be smart and be on their assignments. Our corners have to play with that. They have to play at the same level and same intensity.”

What do you have to do to win the starting job at corner? “I just have to keep making plays and be consistent. Biggest thing, consistent and stay on my technique.”

On Byron Murphy “Be ready for B-Murph (Byron Murphy) to make some plays. One thing I’ll say about Byron is he loves to ball. He gets the ball. He makes plays on the ball. It’s like he’s a ball magnet. He’ll make plays on the ball. He’ll get picks. He’s a competitor. That’s my bro. That’s my little bro. We watch tape together. That’s my dude. He’s good. He’s a baller.”

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