Post Practice Video - Ikaika Malloe

Husky defensive line coach Ikaika Malloe discusses the first day of week two of Washington's spring football practice...

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How can the tape from the Peach Bowl help the defensive line improve? “Well, like we talked about, Alabama is so gifted in what they had, size as well as talent. For us to be able to study that film and know what we can improve on, if we ever get that chance again we can compete at that level and come out with maybe a better outcome.”

What’s your approach for this spring? “For us it’s energy, just maintain that energy and really build skill. Build skill in a way that we are improving no matter what, whether it be Vita Vea, who will be playing four years now, or Levi Onwuzurike, who’s just coming out. Those guys are always trying to build something to make them better everyday. For us, if we can have that pride of out working somebody I think we’re heading in the right direction.”

How did your line do in the weight room this winter? *Audio cuts out*

On a fight in practice “I love it. Always like that edge. It’s that mentality that keeps us going. It’s that mentality that takes the next step in terms of the physicality part of it. You like that energy. You want to be able to control it obviously, but to know that they have that type of energy or mindset coming out to practice, it’s exciting.”

How much of a win was it to get Vita Vea back? “That’s probably the best recruit we could have gotten right there. That was huge recruiting on his part, his families part. For us, it just puts a lot of pressure on us making sure that why he stayed, it pays off for him. Obviously he has a bright future ahead of him. For him to come back we have to make sure I’m constantly pushing him to get him to that next level so that when he takes that step, he’ll be ready and prepared to go.”

What does the next step look like for Vita Vea? “It’s just skill. It’s really just skill. You’ve seen his progress from the beginning of fall to the end of the year. He became a real dominant force and for us he needs to carry on that part as well as being a leader. He had Elijah (Qualls) as well as Greg (Gaines) and Turp (Damion Turpin) really doing the leadership skills. Now it’s on Vita. It’s for him to teach the younger guys. He’s taking the next step in terms of leadership, but in terms of skill he got some stuff, he’s got some meat on the bone that he still needs to do, as surprising as that sounds.”

On Benning Potoa’e “A bright future. He’s gotten a lot better. Spring ball, a lot of reps for Benning (Potoa’e) will help. Getting in the classroom in terms of film study will help Benning as well. You should see a force in terms of physicality as well as speed that we anticipate from Benning.”

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