Post Practice Video - Bob Gregory

Husky linebackers coach Bob Gregory discusses the first five practices of spring football...

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On the depth at linebacker “Yeah. Feel good about it. I think we have good depth, good experience, and a good bunch of kids. I’m excited about them.”

On the return of Azeem Victor “Well, you hate to see those types of injuries, and it’s awesome having him out. I have to give a shoutout to D.J. Beavers. He did a heck of the job in the last four or five games he played.”

On Keishawn Bierria “He’s right around 220-230. Looking good, playing very well. He’s another guy with great experience, great leadership. I’m fired up I have that guy for another year.”

How do Azeem Victor and Keishawn Bierria compare as a tandem to other players you’ve coached? “Athletically, as good as we’ve had. Really. Both five-year guys. I think that’s when you really can make a jump. Those guys have been around for five years. I think those guys will take another step and they’re going to help our defense win some games.”

On Ezekiel Turner “He’s strictly a DB. He’s our weak side safety, our rover. That’s coach Lake’s guy. But he does hit like a linebacker, there’s no doubt. When he comes up people are going to feel him, that’s for sure.”

On Camilo Eifler “Still a puppy, but he’s got all the skills in the world. This guy can test out of the world. He can jump, run, he’s powerful. Just not a lot of football experience. So far first week, he’s done a nice job.”

On Brandon Wellington “Very good. Very athletic guy. More football history in him than Camilo (Eifler). This guy is going to be a good football player for us.”

How far off are you in spring? “I think culture wise, no, we’re way ahead. Just in terms of our guys, our attitude, and how they work and everything they do. In terms of our process and in terms of football, yeah. That’s what’s great about spring. We don’t have to worry about a game. Let’s just get better at our basics and our fundamentals.”

What are you working on this spring? “I think, again, it’s fundamentals. I think we have to become better tacklers. We always have to. We have to be better at striking blockers and get off blocks, never give up one-for-one. We have to keep our edge.”

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