Keith Gilbertson press conference - 9/8

The one word that comes to mind in describing Washington's 38-13 win over Indiana Saturday in Seattle is bittersweet. Sweet was the 28-point third quarter, tying a Husky record for most points ever scored in a period of play. Bitter was the season-ending injuries to MIK Joe Lobendahn and OG Rob Meadow. Keith Gilbertson addressed the injuries Monday, as well as what the team will do with their bye week in preparation for Idaho September 20th at Husky Stadium.

Joe is going to have surgery within 10 to 14 days and will be out the rest of the season with a torn ACL," Gilbertson said of the junior from Honolulu. "He just planted his leg and went down.

"With Rob (Meadow), he reinjured an ACL tear he had when he was in high school (De La Salle). He'll have one more test today, but trainers are almost sure it's an ACL.

"They are both big blows to us, blows to both sides of the ball where we don't have a lot of depth."

Gilbertson acknowledged that 'several moves' might be needed to shore up a linebacking corps short on numbers.

Greg Carothers may be moved inside and Marquis Cooper might be moved outside. "Marquis may slide over, moving Scott White up," Gilbertson said. "Tahj Bomar should now be in the two-deeps. He's playing on all the kicking teams and doing a good job, so it shouldn't be that big a leap."

The Husky coaches are meeting this afternoon to talk about possible moves. One LB they can put back in the mix is senior SAM Tyler Krambrink. "We held him out with his fractured hand because it wasn't getting better," Gilbertson said. "If we limited his play to the punt team we felt that with last week and this week that he'll be ready to go and his hand will be healed."

As far as the offensive line, Gilbertson expressed confidence in RS soph Tusi Sa'au for picking up the slack in Meadow's absence. "I felt better about how Tusi played in a backup role," he said. "But now you're down to one experienced guard at that position."

Gilbertson also spoke about the possibility of having 5th year walk-on Jason Simonson in the two-deeps.

Meadow went down on play late in the first half where Cody Pickett threw an interception to Indiana's Kyle Killion. Despite that pick, Cody was named Pac-10 offensive Player of the Week.

Washington State's Will Derting earned defensive Player of the Week honors, while USC punter Tom Malone earned Pac-10 POW kudos for his special teams work. Pickett, who had some tightness in his right pectoral muscle in Saturday's game, won't throw Monday.

"He said his chest was tight during the week, but the trainers have said that he'll be fine," Gilbertson said.

Despite the nicks and dings the Dawgs suffered in their last game, Gilbertson spoke frankly about this year's bye placement. "I'd prefer not to have a bye this early just because we really haven't played enough and don't know enough about ourselves," he said.

"You get into a routine, and it's a routine-breaker. I'd like to play one more week, particularly after a win. I'd like to play again because I'm always afraid to lose that feeling over a week's time."

Gilbertson and the rest of the Husky coaching staff will take one proverbial step back starting Tuesday in the hopes of being able to go forward a couple of big leaps.

"Tomorrow will be more like spring football," he said. "There will be more detail on fundamentals and also special teams. We also need to take care of the team."

One thing that will be stressed is the intensity of practice during a bye week. "We're going to practice hard," Gilbertson said. "We're not going to shy away from practicing hard."

There were some big bright spots Saturday, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Emerging as legitimate running threats were Kenny James and Shelton Sampson. Sampson scored on his first carry as a Husky, and James, while slowed a bit by a sprained ankle, proved just as capable.

"The running backs all made nice runs, all broke tackles, went vertical and got upfield," Gilbertson said. "Rich (Alexis) looked very powerful and made nice runs, got some yards after contact. Kenny James sprained his ankle, which limited his effectiveness. Shelton (Sampson) had a couple of nice runs and a couple of scores, but then he laid the ball on the ground, which is a cardinal sin. We just can't turn the ball over."

The 3-1-1 ratio of carries Gilbertson was looking for Saturday is something he's comfortable with right now, so that won't change. He also wanted to make sure his starting fullback received some well-deserved props for his play.

"He played very well for not having played," Gilbertson said of Zach Tuiasosopo. "He gave us a boost, some energy, hit some people and gave us a nice lift."

Another player that gave the Dawgs a lift was RS frosh Isaiah Stanback. The former Garfield Bulldog made it known that he wanted to find time on the field, and his head coach responded with two designed runs for the explosive QB. Gilbertson hinted that Stanback's role in the offense could increase quite a bit.

"It could expand a lot and still not take away from his quarterback reps," he said. "Because I still see him as a multi-dimensional player at quarterback.

"The one thing he gives you is the fact that when he runs a route he knows that route from a quarterback's standpoint. Which I think gives him a better, or different idea of exactly what we're trying to do."

Gilbertson also said that Pickett probably has more confidence in Isaiah than the true frosh that are playing the slot receiver position.

"I have no sense that he really has a rapport with any of the players in the slot," Gilbertson said. "During practice, I thought that he looked the best with Isaiah in there. He was the fastest athlete I saw that had the ability to not get jammed."

Gilbertson wouldn't say that Casey Paus is the clear backup to Pickett. "There's 2A and 2B, and I'm comfortable with both," he said of Paus and Stanback.

So who would come in if Cody went down? "I'm 99.9 percent of what I would do," Gilbertson said, but wouldn't reveal which QB would come in.

"Let's just hope I don't have to do that." he said with a laugh.

The use of the shotgun is one possibility that has been brought up with this offense, but Gilbertson isn't ready to unveil that weapon of their arsenal. "One, we changed centers," he said. "Two, we practiced all of training camp because of the Ohio State noise and felt better under center. And I just haven't felt a need to get in it. I don't think it would have given us anything that we weren't getting with him (Pickett) under center." Top Stories