Post Practice Video - Andre Baccellia

Husky sophomore WR Andre Baccellia talks about the first five practices of Husky spring football...

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What was hardest to pick up early in your career? “When I first came here it was just tough learning all the new plays, new environment for college football. I think all of us have just grown as a receiver corps. We’re all making each other better and going out there every day and competing. I think it’s going to be a good spring as we continue throughout this month.”

How do you feel this spring so far? “I feel like all of us, me, Dante (Pettis), Quinten (Pounds), even some of the younger guys, we’re all just trying to go out there and compete. We have something to prove so we’re all going to hold each other to that standard and just go and have a good time.”

On Ty Jones “Since day one he’s been dedicated. He’s been in the book trying to learn all the plays. Hats off to him. He’s been coming out here and competing. He sometimes doesn’t know where to go, thats when we all have to step in and help each other out. It’s fun though. He’s been really good. I like how he’s been improving.”

What was the hardest thing to learn when you got here? “I think the hardest thing would be the speed of the game. You come in from high school and you don’t realize how fast practice is. What our game plan is to make practice just as hard as the game. We come into practice and compete and that makes the games that much easier.”

On competing with the UW defense in practice every day “We’re facing the best in the country regardless of what position its at. That’s going to make us that much better. We’re excited to go out there and compete.”

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