Post Practice Video - Chico McClatcher

Washington WR Chico McClatcher talks Husky spring football and the team's overall progress...

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Is Matt Lubick bringing energy? “Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of energy. He’s a quiet guy, kind of the opposite from coach Bush Hamdan, but we love him and he’s a great fit for our program.”

What do you hope for from the second half of your college career? “Then intensity of going out there every day and practicing to your full potential. You want to develop steps to be a good player. That’s kind of my focus right now, just what can I do to be a better player.”

How can you be a better player? “For me, kind of just take my time with route running and my releases. I like to play fast but if I slow it down I can be very dangerous.”

Are there any bits of advice you took from John Ross? “Just study the game. At the wide receiver position you have a lot to contain in your head. If you slow your mind down you can do good things on the field. That’s what (John) Ross brought down to us, just slow your mind down. Let your athleticism play out.”

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