Post Practice Video - Trey Adams

UW OL Trey Adams talks about the first five days of Husky spring football...

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On getting pads on “It feels good right now being able to hit people. In practice you can really do too much physicality but we try our best. It’s just part of spring ball. Jerseys and then helmets and then finally shoulder pads on. It’s been fun. It’s been good.”

What has coach Huff brought to the table? “He’s just kind of a laid back, fun guy to be around. He played football. He knows what he’s doing. Coach Strausser is obviously a great coach, but he just kind of brings that energy. That younger middle-aged man kind of tenacity. It’s fun to be around and all the guys love him so far.”

Does his relatable background with football make the transition easier? “For sure. You can’t bring a 90-year-old guy in here and kind of bond with him. Coach Petersen knows so many people and so many coaches, he could have brought in anybody and we would have loved him. I think he’s perfect and I love every minute of spring ball and I’m going to love every minute of fall camp. It’s been fun.”

What do you want to improve on as a unit? “For me personally probably overall pass protection, run blocking for the o-line. Other than that it’s hard to find something we did bad in a sense last year, but you can always get better. You can always find stuff. Just getting better, bonding more, being together as a team is really good. I think this offseason was huge for the o-line in general, the young guys coming back. It’s weird being here and be almost a junior. It’s been fun.”

Who on the defensive line gives you a hard time? “Probably Vita (Via) because he’s so big. I don’t really block him much because he’s inside. The outside guys are doing well, both backers are crazy good. Jaylen Johnson is doing really well. That’s about it right now.”

On Henry Roberts “Me and Henry (Roberts) are best friends since day one. We were roommates back in the dorms, hang out every day. Talk business, talk everything. We’re best buds and he’s doing well. He’s a big dude, can play pretty athletic. He just has to come to sense with his own. He just has to be able to unleash what he has coming from Bellevue and stuff. Fun to see him grow. Nick Harris and Luke Wattenberg are both great guards. Boomer (Jesse) Sosebee is doing well. It’s just been a good year so far.”

On Jared Hilbers “He pushes me. He’s a big, strong guy, athletic. We just go back and fourth in practice. I kind of just came in my freshman year and kind of got lucky and played. He’ll have his time. He can play guard, he can play right tackle. We just work each other and push each other every day so he’s awesome.”

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