Post Practice Video - Jordan Paopao

Washington tight ends coach Jordan Paopao talks about the first five practices of spring football...

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On practicing in the rain “I think it’s just a really good indication of the weather we can know to love and we’ve come to embrace. We get a lot of good work in terms of our wet ball ball security stuff. It’s part of playing football in the great northwest. You embrace this weather, you love it, and it’s going to be our advantage come fall.”

Were there any loose balls from the tight ends out there? “We need a lot more work on our wet ball security. Defense definitely got the better of us today.”

On Mike Neal missing spring “Any time that you have somebody go down for an entire fall camp or spring camp it’s definitely a disappointing deal because it’s just time that they’re missing. It’s reps, it’s valuable experience that they’re kind of missing out on. I think what’s nice about it is we definitely get a chance to get meaningful reps to a lot of our other guys, get some younger guys in there with Jacob Kizer getting his feet wet for his first spring camp. We get a chance to work with Mike Petroff and Derek Hunter, guys that traditionally probably wouldn’t get a whole heck of a lot of reps.”

It feels that the depth is pretty solidified. Is that true? “What’s nice about those guys is that they’re such an experienced group. There are a lot of wins for that group, meaningful playing time that they’ve already gone through, so right now is just really determining strengths and weaknesses and getting them reps that maybe they wouldn’t get when we are highly specific personnel wise, letting them do some stuff that normally they wouldn’t get.”

Is the strength of the group in blocking? “I definitely think that’s what they’re most natural at. I think what’s kind of cool about all three of those guys is they have really soft hands and they’re big targets coming across the middle. That’s definitely been something that we are working on right here during spring camp. Drew (Sample) has come up with a bunch of big time catches as well.”

How healthy is David Ajamu right now? “All three of those guys. I think Will (Dissly), David (Ajamu), and Drew are operating at close to 100-percent.”

On Hunter Bryant “He really has limitless potential honestly. He’s probably the most natural pass catcher that I’ve seen since Austin Seferian-Jenkins just in terms for his knack for the ball in the air, his ability to make plays. What’s been most impressive of him is he’s eager and how hungry he is to learn. You can’t teach that. That’s something that’s kind of inherent. He’s definitely got that it-factor that I’m excited to work with in the fall.”

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