Post Practice Video - Dante Pettis

Washington senior wideout Dante Pettis discusses the first five practices of spring football and the contributions of freshman receiver Ty Jones...

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What do you want out of your senior year? “Just improvement on last year. I know it will be hard to do, we had a pretty good year last year, but there are a lot of different ways that we can get better. Coach Lubick knows that and he’s been drilling us on that stuff, so that’s really what we’re trying to do right now.”

How do you guys replace John Ross? “People take on different roles. Obviously you can’t really replace (John) Ross. He did something that not that many people can do. It’s hard to just say ‘okay, who’s stepping up into his spot?’ We all just have to pick up a little bit of what he did for us and get going with that.”

Is this spring ball different than last year? “A little bit, yeah. Because we know what it was like to get to the semifinals and lose so we know what’s at stake and we want to build off that.”

Are there more subtle things that John Ross did on plays he didn’t get the ball that made your lives easier? “He ran a 4.2 so everybody is worried about him going deep. The safety will move over to the other side. He has two people on him at all times. The defense is always worried if he’s going to take them up top so he obviosuly takes a lot of rpessure off whoever’s on the opposite side of him.”

On the younger guys “A lot of guys are making plays. Ty Jones is doing a pretty good job. It’s very hard to come in as a freshman and just get thrown in there. He doesn’t really know any of the plays or anything but he’s making some plays. We have a couple guys that should be pretty good.”

On Quinten Pounds and Andre Baccellia stepping up “They definitely should. They’ve been around for three years now, this is going to be their third year. They’ve seen a lot, they’ve learned a lot from different coaches and now they’ve experienced a little bit. So yeah, they should definitely step up.

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